Should I watch Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night first?

Topic started by MrASSH0LE on April 15, 2012. Last post by Elfenlied1012 2 years, 3 months ago.
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What it says in the title

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Might want to watch Fate/ Stay Night first. Fate/Zero was made more in mind for those who seen Stay Night as it refers to events and characters later seen from the latter which would be lost on the viewer if they seen Zero before Stay Night.
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Night is the original so go with that one. I really liked it. Haven't watched Zero yet.

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Zero is pretty great but I'd vote for watching Night. I haven't seen it, but it probably isn't as good as Zero and would end up as a major disappointment if you you went in expecting a Zero quality series but might pretty good if you go in expecting nothing.

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Fate/stay night first (then Unlimited Blade Works), then Fate/Zero.

You're probably going to get lost story-wise if you jump into Fate/Zero first, so go with the original. Unlimited Blade Works is an alternate version of stay/night; you're free to watch that one (after stay/night of course), but I feel it's not really necessary overall.

Additionally IMO, the quality gradually just gets better if you watch it in that order, but that's just me. I thought Fate/Stay night was decent; UBW was better than the latter, and Fate/Zero is pretty awesome (so far).

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@asian_pride said:

You're probably going to get lost story-wise if you jump into Fate/Zero first, so go with the original.

I've read this a few times but I really don't think it's the case. I didn't see any Fate content before Zero and it's totally not confusing in the slightest. I love it but was kind of let down because I went in expecting this really deep and complex story because everyone said it wouldn't make sense, but it's a very straight forward Harry Potter wizard clans summon history's mightiest warriors and try to beat each other up in crazy shonen fights while sneaking in standard genre rhetoric about the power of friendship and believing in yourself. There's nothing particularly complex about it other than an eventual double cross that you could see coming from a mile away. It's a very straightforward series.

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It's like Star Wars or Kingdom Hearts in how they placed their stories. The first story is set years behind the second story. If you don't want to spoil yourself, go watch Fate Stay Night first and then Fate/Zero.

I say Fate Zero is more exciting than Fate Stay Night, but Fate Stay Night has a very strong romantic theme later in the series. Watch for Implied Sex Scene. Of course, I was a naive teenager who didn't get suspicious at those certain scenes.

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I watched Fate/Zero without having any prior knowledge about what happens in the Fate universe and can't say I had any problems undestanding what's happening. Sure later I watched FSN which pretty gave away what is going to happen later in FZ but don't really mind since FZ is great. Btw FZ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FSN.

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You will not have any issues following the story of Fate Zero without reading Fate Stay Night.  The hour long first episode spends a long time (perhaps too long) setting up the premise.  What you will be missing out on is some of the call backs and fan service moments of the original story.  More than anything else though, Fate Zero is simply a better produced show.
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Read the Fate/Stay Night visual novel first then watch Fate/Zero

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@sickVisionz: Ah, I guess from somebody who's seen all 3, it certainly feels that way. But I still think stay/night should be first because the production is better later on. Kind of like a save the best for last if you will.

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im trying to watch fate/stay night but it just feels so slow in the start...tell me it gets better or i might have to drop it!

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stay night is really hard to go back from after fate zero. It's just so much better that it makes the on its own alright predecessor much harder to enjoy

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