Season 1 has ended but get ready for a new one! Alfheim Online

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Warning! The following may contains spoilers so i do recommend watching first Episode 14 : End of the world before reading this

After 2 years on November 7, Sword Art Online is cleared...

Finally the awaited Episode 14 is out and its was a great ending. Although when i woke up almost all the post i saw in Facebook are all spoiler pics of the episode itself but nevertheless its was a awesome experience watching it.

Round 2! Kayaba Akihiko Vs Kirigaya Kazuto
Round 2! Kayaba Akihiko Vs Kirigaya Kazuto

Kirito showed of his smart deducting skills when he realize and revealed to all the Heathcliff is none other the creator Kayaba Akihiko. But made me intrigued was Kayaba stating that he was the final boss on the top floor then kirito added his own saying that it seems pretty bad that the most trusted and strongest player in SAO who becomes the last boss and again Kayaba answered back that its a pretty good storyline. Now that was a good word fight but true essence of the episode was actually not the fight itself but it was but what awaited at the end for us to see and cry upon.

The Final Boss

So this guy trap 10,000 players, made himself also player, and gives himself Immortal status
So this guy trap 10,000 players, made himself also player, and gives himself Immortal status

Something has always bothered me, ever since I arrived here. "Where does he hide while he watches us and adjust the world?" But i'd forgotten a simple piece of psychology. Something any kid knows. There's nothing as boring as watching someone else play an RPG. Isn't that right, Kayaba Akihiko? - Kirito

Since Kirito revealed his identity, Kayaba gave a reward to Kirito a chance to face him one-on-one. Well since he had Immortal status the whole time he would naturally deactivate it if the player where to reach him on the top floor but just like any final boss fight, he would have maximum stats to all attributes then again he's the creator so he would naturally do that kind of thing.

After that Kirito had flashback of those who died in front of him except Yui. Yui just dissapeared but i couldn't help but shed a single tear when i saw Yui. Kirito then prepared himself for his greatest battle yet. Asuna ask him that he isn't gonna die just yet. Then Kirito said that's he going to win. Before the battles start Kirito made a request that Asuna couldn't inflict suicide if kirito would die. Think about it if you die and the girl you love so much kills herself because she couldn't protect you, wouldn't you feel guilty or devastated.

Thus the battle started but if you think the battle sequence was epic wait a few more minutes for the most by far emotional scene i have seen in a action-adventure genre.

The will to fight after losing your hope...

I have to admit. I am one of those who cry at this kind of this scenes
I have to admit. I am one of those who cry at this kind of this scenes

Asuna's death was a total emotional crying scene the whole time. Until now just looking at this scene makes me cry for 5 minutes. So for those who also cried, Big thumbs up and accept it that this scene made you cry. After seeing Asuna fade into pieces of scattered light, Kirito loss all sense of hope and just attacked kayaba like a lifeless soul. kayaba deflected the sword but kirito picked up the sword of asuna. He got stab by kayaba's sword but kirito did not lose hope. He doesn't want Asuna's death to be in vain so with all his might before he fades away he stab him depleting kayaba's life. With that he ask himself if it was good enough while looking at Asuna's sword and eventually he faded to scattered to pieces of light floating above aincrad while all his friends that he met on his journey looked at the sky.

A dream of a castle floating in the skies

You know, Kirito-kun, I still believe that in some other world, that castle truly exist. - Kayaba Akihiko

He explains everything how it all started. He dreams of a castle that can surpass all the law of the world yet he also says that someone already surpass even the laws of Sword Art Online. He must be referring to Kirito and Asuna's actions that even the game itself can't handle such as Yui and Kirito's strong will to kill Kayaba. He congratulates both Kirito and Asuna for clearing the game but before that he initiated a phase that will delete all of SAO's programs including the game itself.

My name is Kirigaya. Kirigaya Kazuto.

Now that's a good ending for a great game
Now that's a good ending for a great game

They both sit as they watched Aincrad fall into pieces and realize that they will disappear. Asuna explains to kirito that its not goodbye and they will disappear together as one. But before that Asuna wants to know Kirito's real name and told hers as well. They exchange there "I Love You" to each other. As they hug a huge light came into contact to them fading them to oblivion ending once and for all there 2 year journey in Sword Art Online.

Waking Up in the Real world...

2 years later...
2 years later...

He wakes up in a hospital and looks at his hand. He tries to remove his helmet then remembered a girl that he met in Sword art Online. The scene was suppose to show that he forgot the name of girl but suddenly remembered that it was Asuna just like the light novel. He tries to get up, removes the nerve gear and walks out of the room uttering his last final words "Asuna..." then the scene shifts to him walking to a corridor going to the light. the credits roll and its over

So what happens now for those who though its over and just close before or after the credits? Well you guys just miss the most greatest thing that happened

Kirito voice can be heard and says the next episode " Jikai: Ritān " I Got super excited that its not over yet and the next arc will be set.

Next Time: Return

So the next arc is set in "Fairy Dance" Arc and Kirito will have to play again another VRMMORPG which is ALfheim Online. Get ready for next Sunday (That's my country day that a Sword Art online Episode is release) So for those who doesn't know about this, tell your friends that Sword Art Online is not over and get hype for the next episode arc.

For those who want to know the New Character i'll tell only one so for those who don't want to be spoiled just skip this.

New Character: Spoiler

Thats Right! Kirigaya Suguha the sister of Kirito will appearing for the first time in episode 15. Actually she was first shown in Episode 1 but her face wasn't that clear enough to be seen so it was more of a cameo

Well thats all what i have to say. Thanks for having the time to read this blog and get ready for Fairy Dance

If you still have a hard time understanding SAO Read my All you need to know: Sword Art Online (SAO)

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I'm slow with news on these new anime shows. I wish I caught this one sooner.

Thank you for covering Sword Art Online. Also, you should try to put it in the Sword Art Online forum thread.

For the news, I'm psyched to see a new season. I loved Aoi Eir for her work on Fate Zero's theme song. I like the new ending theme song much better than the first season's. It will take me a while to get used to the elf ears on the characters.

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First: Sword Art Online

Second. Alfheim Online

Third: Gun Gale Online

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Anyone know when gun gale will be released? Or is the anime part done?

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@SensitivePsych0: No one but the animators and the creator have the answer at this time.

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