Samurai 7 to be on Toonami

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There has been a lot of rumors & discusion as of late about what will be the next show on Toonami. Acording to a twitter post by Jason DeMarco (VP of Strategic Marketing & Promotions for Cartoon Network & Adult Swim, also the man behind Toonomi), Samurai 7 will be premiering on the action cartoon block in the coming months. The show originally aired for 26 episodes in Japan during 2004, then later dubbed by Funimation in 2006.

With both Deadman Wonderland & Cowboy Bebop ending their runs in two weeks, we could see the show as early as the end of the month taking Deadman's premiere spot while DW occupies the 2:30/5:30 time slot. This is if Toonami plans on keeping the rerun block intact.

Update: According to the schedule on, Samurai 7 WILL be taking Deadman Wonderland's spot starting August 19th.


Original Twitter Post from DeMarco:

Full News Story:

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I haven't tried Samurai 7. I hope Toonami adds more shows because the momentum that Richie and Steve Blum left is getting lower.

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Samurai 7 is an interesting choice I dont fully remember every detail of it but it was a good show.
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I really think they did themselves a disservice replacing DW spot instead of just letting it run again perhaps at a different spot and letting perhaps Ghost in the shell take a hit, all in all I dont think its as good as an acquisition as DW and they defenitly need more to keep it going, but anything new and decent is worth supporting even if its not as good a pull.

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@Elfenlied1012: Jason has said that they are going to try & not re-run shows whenever possible. Reasons why GitS & Cowboy Bebop are getting another run is because they haven't seen a full run on Toonami yet & they already own the rights to air them so it's cheaper then airing DW again.

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@TheRealJpoe: I still think its a bad call DW was their only exclusivity, if you wanted that dub you had to go there, Samurai 7 is on netflix, same with casshern. I understand their reasoning by I still think its a bad call. Now its even harder to justify waiting to see toonami to the average fan.

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Samurai 7 is a very good anime, hope many people will watch it.

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Now if they only replaced Bleach with Panty & Stocking and put Darker Than Black in Casshern Sins timeslot when it finishes then I would be very happy. Yes it'll probably never happen but dammit I can dream.

As for Samurai's probably the best of the many, many adaptations of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai that his kids have sold the rights to. Well, unless you count The Magnificent Seven. Then it's the second-best.

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