Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas?

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Hi! I just wanted to ask, why does Japan have terrible taste in anime?

For those of you who're familiar with the Lost Canvas, it was cancelled shortly after Season Two and was replaced by that horrid spinoff, "Saint Seiya: Omega." And for those who're not aware, Omega is basically the childish, shitty, and horribly illustrated version of Saint Seiya (The Original Version). And to my knowledge, The Lost Canvas was cancelled due to lack of sales.

Now, again, why does Japan always do this to series with great potential? Seriously, Lost Canvas is not the only good series to ever not receive another season due to sales. And then they replace it with some bullshit rip-off with terrible animation and a plot-line. And another question for those who are fans of Saint Seiya, why hasn't The Next Dimension been animated yet? Oh but nooooo.... they just go ahead and make Omega...

Seriously, I'm still pissed off that Omega made it but not Lost Canvas... and on a serious note, does that mean that only kids and children in Japan are the only viewers who watch anime? Because no adult in their right mind would watch Omega and say it's better than The Lost Canvas.

For anyone who's confused, just watch an episode from both of the series and then give your judgement on which is better.

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Why? Well mostly because it's a television show that is aimed for kids and is doing a good job in sells. The financial return is quite comfy for them. Honestly if Toei wanted to they can make an anime like Lost Canvas(TMS Entertainment made LC), but they most likely won't you know why? OVAs just are not selling like they used to. Fan's tend to forget Lost Canvas was an OVA series meaning that if people don't buy it of the shelves it will not make any money. Lost Canvas had great animation for sure, great fights, and amazing characters, but the story was only so-so and was a dumbed down version of the manga which btw is fantastic.

The reason why Omega rivals over Lost Canvas in japan is because,

1. It's a show thats being aired on a children's time block. Imagine your were a little kid watching Omega, you would go crazy for it. Want to collect the cards of your favorite characters buy the toys etc.

2. Children love knowing that their favorite characters need each other to fight the bad guys, this is the repetition we see in Omega that a lot of us don't like because we wished the characters would go deeper than that. But kids need constant reassurance they can trust there friends around them to conquer all obstacles and all that BS, the formula works.

I'm mean really think about it, Omega is constantly being compared to the old show from the which is better than Omega on all levels, but being better doesn't mean better sells sorry to say. I personally think Omega is horse shit myself. But unless a different company gets their hands on it, I doubt they are going to revive the OVA.

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Lost Canvas isn't any darker than Omega. Omega looks fine and the animation is generally really good and not generic art doesn't equal horrible. Lost Canvas was an ova series that didn't sell enough copies to justify it's continuation. That's why it got canceled. Omega isn't bad. Watch more than an episode or two.
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