Required Reading: Exploitation, Sexploitation and More

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Plenty to read this weekend-- get crackin'!

  • The first item isn't technically anime or manga related, but Wil Wheaton posts a really interesting treatise on “the difference between embracing and exploiting geek culture,” particularly as it pertains to the Society for Geek Advancement's “I Am a Geek” video, which Wheaton (and others) participated in.
  • AICN got an advance look at the upcoming Astro Boy film from Imagi. If you don't care about spoilers-- and lets face it, the movie is based on a manga and anime from over 50 years ago –you should definitely check it out.
  • For those of you who were good little Vice Squad members and read up on the Christopher Handley case as narrated by Lawrence A. Stanley, here's your next assignment: Charles Brownstein, of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (who all of you should know, love, and donate to, because they defend comic creators AND readers from censorship and other legal persecution), reacts to the article. He agrees with Stanley on the legal point made, but that the CBLDF feels that the law in question is unconstitutional, which he feels is the larger issue.
  • Man, I'd almost forgotten about this: Thomas Dunne Books has published a novel by one Cathy Yardley, which takes place in, of all things, the Japanese manga editing world. A half-Japanese, half-Italian American girl is offered the job of her dreams-- an internship editing manga at a Japanese publisher. Manga Maniac Cafe has a review of the novel that you should check out, if only in the interest of fictional depictions of our kind, as it were.
  • And finally, the Vietnamnet Bridge has a piece on Japanese manga's popularity in Vietnam when compared with Vietnamese comics-- although some of their factual information is off (Osamu Tezuka did NOT create Doraemon, fyi).


It's a geek's world, these days. Do you ever feel like geekdom is being exploited by the mainstream? Why or why not?
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Exploited?! Heh, exploited is being charged 1200 Microsoft Points to download one damn song for the XBox 360 iDOLM@STER game. Exploited is paying $300 for a box set of one 26 episode TV show (I don't care if it's on bluray, that's highway robbery!)

Yet in both cases I've been dumb enough to pay it.
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