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I've got a lot of topics to keep you busy this week, including more homework forum threads at the end, so let's get going!

  • Publishers Weekly talks about the trickiness of putting comics on an e-reader like the Kindle, particularly titles by Go! Comi (Japan Ai) and Yen Press (Maximum Ride, World of Quest). The companies say they're mostly just experimenting at this point. It's also noted that Japanese publishers are very cautious about giving out ebook rights for manga, at least in part because mangaka worry that the digital copies won't look good.

  • Otaku expert Roland Kelts bemoans the status of anime fans in the US, suggesting that we “party, but don't pay.” He notes that in Japan, being an otaku is what you do on your own to escape your normal life, whereas in the US it's an inclusive social phenomenon.

  • And on a similar note, mourns the decline of the dub in the face of economic difficulty-- dubs are expensive and fans are generally becoming more willing to read subs if they really want to watch a show and a dub isn't made available.

  • Onii-chan no Ecchi, fresh off a rant relating to the UK's potential ban of loli materials, offers a look at media misinformation-- and when you should NOT take news articles at face value. As a member of the media myself-- he's got a hell of a point.

  • And on a considerably more cheerful note, Tommy Anime Zone offers a brief history of cosplay, particularly public cosplay in Japan.


  1. A lot of people read manga electronically, usually via scanlations. Do you think many of these would make the move to legal electronic copies if the price were right (namely cheap or free/ad-supported)? Would you?

  2. How big a role does the release of an English dub play in your willingness to purchase a series? Do you think dubbing is necessary to push the industry forward, or do you think companies will continue to be more selective in what's dubbed?

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Heh, just as I finish posting my response to last weeks.... (sorry about the late response btw)
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No worries at all ^_^
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Cons are social events. Even the Tech/Computer conventions, with all the fat salesman and geeky Slims, are social events in the US. Hell, look at LAN parties. Why play that online FPS at home when you can drag your gaming rig 2 hours from home to play in a giant warehouse over a weekend.
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