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A+ Homework:

This week's A+ goes to omo, and not because he was the only one to offer a response to last week's questions (he wasn't-- Rathany did as well, though I can't find it now).

That said, the response wasn't what I was hoping-- so this week I'm going to try offering you two forum threads to discuss said topics instead of telling you to go off and blog about it. I'd still like to try and offer some kind of reward to participants, so see the links at the bottom of the post!

But now, for this week's required reading.

  • Oguie Maniax ponders the concept of negative portrayals of women and wonders why we don't hear more about negative portrayals of men.
  • At the Asia Times, David Wilson talks about prejudice against otaku and otaku kinks off in Japan.
  • Over at RIUVA, TJ's “diary of an otaku” takes a nice Watchmen turn.
  • Aaaaand Clockwork Machina got to check out the Good Smile Company office, and I am eternally jealous. Someday, gia. Someday.

This Week's Topics:

Why do you think people complain about the portrayal of women in anime, but rarely the portrayal of men?

Do you think that people with unusual fetishes tend to become otaku, or do you think otaku, by virtue of social expectation and discrimination, are driven more towards off-beat kinds of eroticism?

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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woot A+
I think the second link should say something about otaku porn?
Post by lordhaseo (2,509 posts) See mini bio Level 7
............................... WAIT WHAT o_0
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Err...yes, it should.

That's weird O_o *goes to fix*
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I'd LOVE to do a huge essay on that second one, but it's 12:54AM and I'm leaving at 6:30AM and won't be back (or at a computer with an internet connection) till the 21st....
I've got tons of material for it I could discuss for once and it sounds like fun too....
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I'm glad that I contribute one of the questions for this assignment... that is all
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Heero: Feel free to add it when you get back. If it's all that badass, I'll probably include it in userday ;)
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I-I tried to contribute last week?  Or did the contribution have to be posted on this site or something?  Or because my link was screwy? (  Ah, well.  F for me.
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