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Just a few quick items in case you're bored this evening/weekend...


Deb has issued her predictions for 2009 manga trends, which include publishers dealing with the same economic difficulties as all of us and a move into material from other countries, like China and Europe (which some pubs, like TOKYOPOP and CMX, have been doing for some time).

Otaku USA's Patrick Macias interviews otaku superstar Shokotan about a variety of topics, including whether she actually is an otaku or not-- she thinks there are plenty of people who are way more hardcore than she is. I think this may also tie into disparate definitions of an “otaku.” In the west we fans use it to describe ourselves easily-- we are fans of anime. In Japan it has an added connotation: “we are fans of the exclusion of everything else.” Just a thought.

Finally, manga expert (and yuri specialist) Erica Friedman spent a day at Media Blasters' new office, and you benefit!

Oh, and if you're curious about what other new shows I'll be covering first dates of, go back and check out the 2009  winter preview-- it's got info on every new series coming out in Japan this season, including some I probably won't be able to get around to! (It happens...)

Keep out of bars and off the streets, kids.

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