Ranma 1/2 - The Layout and General Details

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50% wacky martial arts, 50% crazy romcom, all 100% awesome!
50% wacky martial arts, 50% crazy romcom, all 100% awesome!

Hey Vicers,

I've restarted my work on the Ranma 1/2 page that I began last year (2011). There are a lot of episodes to cover (161 in total!), and working on them each in detail might take a lot more time than I can afford. what I've decided to do is give each page a basic layout that tells you a general synopsis of the episode, so each page will have something in it, in case I can't give every episode an in depth anylasis.

I'll give a general layout of my "skeleton" here. this shouls also serve as a basic episode page guide for all those who want to start

an example of the layout I'm going to use can be seen here in Episode #113. It isn't as elaborate as I wished, but since this is a skeleton article, it's good enough to serve more than its purpose.

Here, I have a few basics.

  • I have the title card as the main image of the page (and due to a glitch in the system, the only way to do it is up upload it first).
  • From there, I have put a title for the season, the Episode name in Romanji and Hiragana, and a synopsis of the episode.
  • The synopsis is a bit breifer than I wanted it to be, but I do hope to return to these episodes for an in-depth commentary/analysis later on.
  • occasionally, some screenshots of the episode might be added in if they can work with the synopsis, but that usually only happens when I do it in depth.
  • You may also want to add the credits for the Opening and Ending songs. these usually are placed at the very beginning or at the very end of the article.
  • afterwards, the characters are added, along with their voice actors(again, due to a glitch, you need to add the characters, save, then Re-Edit the page to put in the seiyus. also if you can't find a voice actor, feel free to add them to the database!).
  • from there, the credits, although this takes a long time, just adding Rumiko Takakashi as the writer is sufficient, and giving a full credit listing in the season finale seems to work well.
  • afterwards, you can add major objects and concepts in the episode, and then give the page one last checkover before submitting.

And that's it! from here, all that is needed is to expand the synopsis of the episode, add some relevant (and a few funny) screenshots, and you're done! now to do it for the other 160 episodes....

Anyways, That's it for now from me. To Taka and Kuro, I haven't forgotten about Rountable Discussion #10, I shall release it soon.

until then, Later!

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Sorry for the late comment.

I wish you good luck on Ranma 1/2. I haven't tried the series, but that didn't stop me from helping you and on the Gosick project. I fell in love with the anime after a couple of episodes. The first one didn't hook me in immediately. Upon looking at your goals, I think I can add credits and seiyuu for you in the episodes if you don't mind. Right now, I'm working on the Avatar the Last Airbender project with FoxxFireArt and Wales while working on Fate Zero solo. I'm still working on Sket Dance and Fairy Tail with Daniel, Wales, and Obsidian609.

I'm looking forward to the RoundTable and Beginner Guide for Sket Dance.

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@takashichea: Thanks, Man. I have some schoolwork to do now, so I don't have much flexibility in what I watch, but afterwards, I'll return the favour and have a look at Fate Zero.

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I begin summer summer school next week. I'll add the credits and seiyuu. For Fate Zero, I'm just to recheck the episodes and add any missing associations and seiyuu. For both Gosick and Fate Zero, we still need to format character pages. We'll do that later.

Thanks Hal!

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