Quick Picks (Week of 7/31/12): Life's a Witch & then You Dream(?)

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Another week, another QP to release even though we're also fighting the good fight in school. This time, the Strike Witches rule the skies again, two Marvel Anime series come back to haunt us, we run into someone else with a vampire for a boyfriend and we wield our own Keyblades for yet another adventure.

Quick Rundown

Bigheart's Thoughts

For manga, the Alice franchise still sounds interesting while Bizenghast is still intriguing to me after all these years. I hope to read it soon. As for anime, Baccano! and Strike Witches Season One are awesome as all hell to me. They were really fun to watch. I haven't gotten into the Sacred Blacksmith or Hatsukoi Unlimited, but I thought the Blade anime was good. I have a mixed feeling about KH:3D, but the gameplay looks pretty good. There was also an Hentai movie with a rather ridiculous name I had to discuss with Taka. XD

Takashichea's Thoughts

For the new manga releases, I'm interested in the Jack the Ripper, Angel Para Bellum, and Bizenghast due to their premises. Bizenghast is about a girl who is forced by a contract to free ghosts in order to get her freedom. If she fails, she will die and her corpse will remain in the mausoleum. Lately, I haven't read a lot of mystery, supernatural, and horror genre. I just ordered Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz for my little sister, and today, I just bought the Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance for her as well. In the latest anime releases, I am disturbed by the Fifty Shades of Hentai, and I learned it was inspired by a book called Fifty Shades of Gray which is about the same topic, BDSM. I haven't tried any of them, but I'm interested in Baccano! when I read Superevil225's Beginner Guide.

This Week's Releases

Sources are from RightStuf.com, Amazon.com, GiantBomb.com and Gamestop.com

Anime Series and Movies

ImageName (Format)CompanySRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Baccano! (Full Series, Blu-Ray)FUNimation$59.98N/A$49.987/31/12
Blade (Full Series, DVD)Columbia$19.99$14.99$17.997/31/12
Fifty Shades of Hentai (DVD Movie)Adult Source Media$24.99N/A$18.747/24/12
Golgo 13: The Professional (DVD Movie)Eastern Star$19.95$14.99$14.967/24/12
Hatsukoi Limited (Full Series, DVD)Sentai Filmworks$49.98$44.45$37.497/31/12
The Sacred Blacksmith (Full Series, DVD)Sentai Filmworks$49.98$34.99$29.997/31/12
Strike Witches (Season One, Blu-Ray & DVD)FUNimation$54.98$37.99$41.247/31/12
Wolverine (Full Series, DVD)Columbia$19.99$14.99$17.997/31/12

Manga Volumes

ImageName & VolumePublisherSRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Vol. 1Seven Seas$13.99$10.40$10.497/31/12
Angel Para Bellum Vol. 1Seven Seas$11.99$8.81$8.997/31/12
Bizenghast Vol. 8Udon Entertainment$15.99$25.00$10.997/31/12

Deltora Quest Vol. 7

Kodansha Comics$10.99$10.34$8.247/31/12
Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade Vol. 1Seven Seas$11.99$11.99
$4.99 (Kindle)
Miles Edgeworth Vol. 1Kodansha Comics$10.99$11.27$8.247/31/12
My Boyfriend is a Vampire Vol. 5-6Seven Seas$15.99$10.32$11.997/31/12
Negima! Magister Negi MagiOmnibus 5 (Vol. 13-15)Kodansha Comics$19.99$10.74$14.997/31/12

Video Games of Interest

ImageNameCompany(ies)System(s)Gamestop.comAmazon.comDownload Marketplace PriceRelease Date
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop DistanceSquare Enix,
Disney Interactive Studios
Nintendo 3DS$39.99$39.99N/A7/31/12
Growlanser IV: Wayfer of TimeAtlus Co.,
Atlus USA
$29.99$29.96PSP/VN: N/A7/31/12

Extra Merchandise

The merchandise from KH3D and Baccano's Blu-Ray releases look rather plentiful from Bigheart's (my) view. See for yourselves, everyone!

That's it for this week. The next one feels very exciting, so look out for us then!

If any of you don't mind, my Twitter Name is @MasterMenos while Takashichea's is also @Takashichea on Twitter. Follow us and note us if we totally missed anything important. Not that we did, though...

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Strike Witches is pretty popular here. I should give it a try. For Sacred Blacksmith, I heard about it from Tom and its strange breast armor bounce.

I don't know about Marvel's Blade and Wolverine. I hope they are good.

The one thing I would not try is Fifty Shades of H. Ugh, it looks nasty.

Post by Bigheart711 (4,420 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@takashichea: Wolverine wasn't very good at all, but Blade is the best out of all the Marvel Anime that was released. Fifty Shades of H sounds wrong as hell already, but I'd try it out since I'm sure that I've seen worse. Much worse.

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Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (KH:3D)!!! I'm so excited to play this game!

Post by takashichea (16,565 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Me, too. I wanted to try it out, but I don't have free time. So far, my siblings are having a blast with it.

Post by sora_thekey (1,097 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@takashichea: Tell your siblings to quit hogging the game and let me play. I don't have a 3DS! <_>'

Post by Bigheart711 (4,420 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@sora_thekey: @takashichea: I want to try it, but sadly, I don't have a 3DS either. :(

I'm more excited about Persona 4 Arena anyways since I pre-ordered it last week. <3

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