Quick Picks (Week of 7/24/12): True Blue Trouble

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YAY! We get to release this Quick Picks article on the exact same day that the actual releases are present! <3 I hope this happens more often, even though we're still in our college classes. This week, FUNimation re-releases the blue-kimono girl I knew since the late 2000's, Zombies STILL run amok in High School, the afterstory of a series that might've made you cry returns on Blu-Ray and we wonder Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego Yuki Nagato.

Quick Rundown

Bigheart's Thoughts

I remember watching Ai Yori Aoshi years ago. It was pretty good on my book and I thought it was one of the Romance-Themed Anime that aren't on BS Island. Now I'm thinking of re-visiting Season 1 via Hulu just to refresh my memory. However, I ave yet to see Clannad's 1st season and I'm very unfamiliar with the rest of the anime listed. The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan sounds pretty interesting, I read some of Black Butler and I have yet to read HSOTD and "Is This a Zombie!?". Hopefully, either of them turn out good on my end. One last thing to point out is that I doubt that "I've Seen It All" is about internet videos at all. @___@

Takashichea's Thoughts

For anime releases, I have not tried any of these, but I'm interested in Clannad because its art style looks like Cardcaptor Sakura. I watched one episode of Ai Yori Yoshi due to Dream's hint on a special wiki side project. I'm not interested in the show.

For manga releases, I'm so stoked for Is This a Zombie Vol. 2 and Soul Eater Not Vol. 1. I never heard of a spin off series of Soul Eater that has an all female main cast. I'll try to get Twilight's manga adaptation just to tease my little sister who hates the novel. My little sister would smile when she sees this blog's latest manga releases because she is fan of Black Butler and Pandora Hearts. I'll get it or borrow them from the library. Lastly, we still get more yaoi titles. I find it interesting that there is more non-yaoi hentai anime than yaoi while there are more yaoi manga than strange hentai manga. Plus, All these adult books are sold on July 25, and only Colorful Harvest is a straight hentai series.

This Week's Releases

Sources are from Amazon.com and Rightstuf.com.

Anime Series

ImageSeries (Format)CompanySRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Ai Yori Aoshi (Complete Series [Both Seasons, including an OVA episode])FUNimation$49.98$44.99$29.997/24/12
Armitage III (Complete Series)FUNimation$29.98$24.99$22.497/24/12
Clannad After Story (Complete Series, Blu-Ray)Sentai Filmworks$89.98$59.48$67.497/24/12
Fushigi Yugi (Season One DVD Set)Media Blasters$49.99$27.99$37.497/24/12

Manga Volumes

ImageName & VolumePublisherSRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
13th Boy Vol. 12Yen Press$11.99$9.49$8.997/24/12
Black Butler Vol. 10Yen Press$11.99$9.02$8.997/24/12
Book Girl Novel Vol. 5/ or
Book Girl and the Wayfarer's Lamentation
Yen Press$11.99$9.59$8.997/24/12

Colorful Harvest

Countdown 7 Days Vol. 3Digital Manga Publishing$12.95$12.95$9.717/25/12
Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Vol. 1Yen Press$11.99$8.90$8.997/24/12
Drifters Vol. 2Dark Horse$12.99$6.98$9.747/25/12
Durarara!! Vol. 3Yen Press$11.99$8.90$8.997/24/12
GTO: 14 Days in Shonan Vol. 4Vertical$10.95$8.13$7.347/24/12
Highschool of the Dead Vol. 7Yen Press$13.99$10.07$10.497/24/12
Is This a Zombie? Vol. 2Yen Press$11.99$8.81$8.997/24/12
Itazura na Kiss Vol. 9Digital Manga Publishing$16.95$12.717/25/12
I've Seen It All Vol. 1Digital Manga Publishing$12.95$12.95$9.717/25/12
The Man I Picked UpDigital Manga Publishing$12.95$6.96$9.717/25/12
Pandora Hearts Vol. 11Yen Press$11.99$8.90$8.997/24/12
Replica Vol. 3Digital Manga Publishing$12.95$12.95$9.717/25/12
Soul Eater Not! Vol. 1Yen Press$11.99$8.81$8.997/24/12
Twilight Vol. 2Yen Press$11.24$10.98$11.247/24/12
X/1999 Omnibus 3 (Vol. 7-9)Viz Media$19.99$12.37$14.997/24/12

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Patterns in Yaoi Manga and Hentai Manga

I noticed every yaoi manga we covered in Quick Picks always has two guys except for the Trap Yaoi manga called My Cute Crossdresser.

For straight hentai, it's usually girls in groups or solo. No guys at all for straight hentai (non yaoi/yuri titles). I don't know about Yuri hentai manga.

Besides the yaoi and sex, this week's is a big Yen Press palooza. In the first week of July, we had a lot Viz Media manga. I'm wondering if this is a pattern.

tell Takashichea's Little Sister that we said "Hi". :)

Hahaha, I better get my little sister to check out this blog.

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Fushigi Yugi such an underrated gem. Thats is one Box set I would pick up.
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I read the synopsis on Armitage III, and I liked it so far. Oh yeah, I'll check out Durarara!! because of Wales' recommendation.

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I still need to watch Clannad Afterstory myself.. someday I will get around to it..

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@takashichea: I think Yuri Manga covers normally have Girl-Girl pairs rather than a single girl cover like Straight H-Manga normally does.

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Oh yeah, I was over thinking since Yuri is the opposite of Yaoi. I haven't seen a straight H manga with a guy on the cover.


Thanks for the comment!


I should give that series a try.

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@takashichea: Yeah, that rarely happens in Straight H-Manga, but it happens sometimes in a number of DVD covers of Straight Hentai Anime.

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All right, I bought some manga from Rightstuf after our 6th Quick Picks. My little sister went off in a Twilight rant after I printed a picture of Jacob and Edward and slid in between her pillows. Yeah, I'm a bad bro.

  • 2 Kore wa zombie desu ka volumes
  • Black Butler Vol. 10 for my little sis. She didn't want Pandora Hearts since she read it online already.
  • Rosario Vampire Season II Vol. 8 and 9
It was this one
It was this one
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Armitage is good stuff. Interesting thing about the movies: Kiefer Sutherhland, voiced the male lead.

And if you look into the Karas movies, another actor many have probably heard of voices the male lead.

My Vol. 1 of Is This a Zombie? is still wrapped. Need to read it. HOTD Vol. 7 will be a must (still have 5 & 6 wrapped as well).

What I didn't know, was that Drifters was licensed. I've been reading scans online. Good and interesting; which is what you would expect from Kohta Hirano (No, not the character from HOTD, but the guy who made Hellsing).

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