Quick Picks (Week of 7/17/12): 21st Century Homonculi

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Surprisingly, things were light this week after all the craziness (and all the Hentai anime I had to mention) that happened last week. It may have been a break for the both of us, so we savored it for a short while and constructed these tables for you guys. Enjoy!

Quick Rundown

Bigheart's Thoughts

I thought Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was the better one because of the story, but as it appeared, I don't seem to be in the minority of this matter as I originally thought between myself and the Campus Lounge regulars. I'm not very sure if I should check it out Girls' Bravo since I've heard mixed reviews about it and I have yet to check out the others even though I have a good feeling about Book of Bantorra. I hardly checked out any of the manga series mentioned either even though I've been willing to check out 20th Century Boys for quite sometime. Also, now I'm very interested in Sakuran because I hardly checked out anything Geisha-related in years.

Takashichea's Thoughts

I have not tried any of these books, and I have heard of Phoenix Wright due to a video game. Arisa looks like something I should have little sister try, and Sakuran looks interesting since I haven't read any manga about Geisha women. I love the Fullmetal Brotherhood series more than first one because it had a better ending and it showed more cool characters. I like the first FMA series because it had more action and drama with more characters dying, and I find how Homunculi were created was unique. Plus, my favorite character Scar is better in the first series. He is too soft in Brotherhood. I'm interested in Fractale since I enjoyed stories about a pefect utopia due to being a fan of Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451.

This Week's Releases

All the sources are from Amazon.com, Rightstuf.com, GiantBomb.com and the Xbox Marketplace.

Anime Series

ImageSeries (Format)CompanySRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Book of Bantorra (DVD Set 2)Sentai Filmworks$59.98$49.99$44.997/17/12
Fractale (Complete Series, Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack)FUNimation$69.98$51.99$41.997/17/12
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (Box Set 2)FUNImationBR: $69.98
DVD: $69.98
BR: $51.99
DVD: $39.99
BR: $52.49
DVD: $52.49
Girls Bravo (Complete DVD Series, S.A.V.E. Edition)FUNimation$29.98$22.497/17/12
Psychic Squad (DVD Set 2)Sentai Filmworks$49.98$37.497/17/12

Manga Volumes

ImageName & VolumePublisherSRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
20 Century Boys Vol. 21Viz Media$12.99$9.65$9.747/17/12
Arisa Vol. 8Kodansha Comics$10.99$8.438.247/17/12
Phoenix Wright Vol. 5Kodansha Comics$10.99$7.98$8.247/17/12
Sakuran: Blossoms WildVertical$16.95$16.95$11.367-17-12
Wandering Son Vol. 3 (Hard Cover)Fantagraphics$19.99$12.76$14.995-30-12 (original)

Videogames of Interest

ImageNamePublisher(s)/Company(/ies)Systems (DLC)Download MarketplaceRelease Date
Otomedius ExcellentKonami CorperationXbox Live MarketplaceXBLM: $19.997/17/2012
Record of Agarest War 2Compile Heart Inc, Ghostlight Ltd., Aksys GamesPlaystation Network (PS3)PS3N: $44.997/17/2012

If any of you don't mind, my Twitter Name is @MasterMenos while Takashichea's is also @Takashichea on Twitter. Follow us and also tell Bigheart about those banners and how you feel about them. ;)

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Yay! We don't have any adult books or anime stuff.

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That cover for Record of Agarest War 2 has a similar drawing style to the Maid Bride manga. Though, I could be wrong.

BigHeart711: I'll add the missing volume wiki pages.

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@takashichea: You're right. I looked through a number of the manga pages in comparison with the RAW2 cover. Mabye they're from the same artist...

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Girls Bravo is hilarious. But that is due to the lack of a decent story and the abundance of fanservice and pervertedness. Besides, it's kinda fun hearing Michelle Ruff (the dub voice for Rukia in Bleach) as a pink-haired, big-breasted, dummy.

I need to go back and finish Bantorra.

Other than that, I actually like having Brotherhood in 5 parts because they have different covers (and possibly a total of more special features).

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For real? I better go try Girls Bravo. I loved Michelle Ruff's voice acting. Thanks!

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