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  Characters from different works
That's what I imagined a convo between the Tenth Doctor and Guts from Berserk would be like


Ten: putting his fingers on the sides of Guts' head

Guts: DON'T TOUCH ME! I don't roll that way. pushes the Doctor aside

Ten: I've seen it Guts. puts his hands in his pocket and raises his chin in his Tennant way I am sorry,I am so sorry..

Guts: Listen if you don't get out of my way-

 Ten: The Hawks,Griffith,The Eclipse...Donovan and Gambino

Guts: Shut up !

Ten: I went into your mind Guts,I am sorry ,but now I understand .Your rage,your violence,your pain,but ,listen to me you can't give into it,you can't give into rage.Killing it would be genocide.

*Guts seems scared but then smiles [*

Guts: Is that so?I 've seen your mind too Doc.*Ten steps back* I've seen the world's you've burned,all the people you killed.

Ten: That was different.

Guts: Yea,you're fine with killing when it's pressing a button or manipulating someone  but when it comes to touching them that's you cower and when us "apes" do it even when it's to save our lives you look down on us.You're not a hero ,you're just a wuss and smug.At least , I know I am not  a hero. *walks past the Doctor*

Ten: Listen to me I am a Time Lord, I am The Oncoming Storm,The Bringer Of Darkness and I will not hesita- *Guts backhands ten leaving with a bloodied mouth on the floor gasping flabergasted *

Guts:*apathetic* Look you're not human and neither is this thing.Get in my way and I'll cut you in half and contrarily  to a Dalek, I won't miss the opportunity.*runs past the Daleks' blast,blasts his eye socket then hits him with the force of a cannon using the DragonSlayer leaving the squid like thing exposed*

The Dalek: Mercy! Have Mercy!

Guts: Wow,you 're even uglier without your suit *stabs it*
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