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The rules on how to vote are very straightforward and simply. In order to cast your vote you are going to send a PM to@waybig1010101: (myself) and it will include the name of three users that are to be listed from 1-3.

  • Number 1 will get 3 points

  • Number 2 will get 2 points

  • Number 3 will get 1 point

You must vote for three users and if you choose not to vote then all votes for your own AMV will not be counted. You are also not allowed to vote for yourself. To make things easier and organize I posted a table that has everyone’s name along with their AMV. Now its very important to know that everyone can vote, which means that you do not have to be a part of this tournament in order to cast your vote, but you must vote for three users in the same fashion that was mention before. Please take your time, also since there are a lot of great AMVs and this might be hard to vote for, so you are also going to be allowed to change you vote if you choose to do so, but the only way to do that is to make a new list in the same PM that you previous used to send your vote. Thank you all for joining and I wish everyone the best of luck.

waybig1010101My Immortal [Efen lied]
DreamBeck AMV: Heavy Metal Warning
Jinbeifan1Toriko AMV-Toriko and Zebra VS Nitro & Salamander
SpeedForceSpiderAMV JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders-JOTARO KUJO
VapovileFairy Tail AMV [Courtesy Call]
TakashicheaMegaman amv-rock
LHWKnightHighschool DXD AMV RISE
ImDictatorBowDownHajime No Ippo AMV-[Pretender]
flashback180Death Nore AMV - Thanks for the Memories
Deathhero61Kamina's Death - A Eulogy for Kamina
IndridColdRurouni Kenshin AMV - Breaking the Habit
GeneralVanKenichi AMV Hero

*Note that the theme for this AMV Tournament is Main Character(s)*

My goal is to host an AMV Tournament every month, so if anyone has any ideas for the next Tournament please don't be shy and share them with me. The purpose of the AMV Tournaments is to be entertaining and enjoyable for the members of our community and for that reason the more people that give their input, the better the tournaments will be overall.

Also I also want to give a special thanks to for helping me out by creating and providing this tournament with such a wonderful banner.

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Also as a side note I want to also thank taka for helping me out with this article

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We should move this topic to General Discussion and delete the dupe thread since I was the only who commented.


Fix Banner alignment and center it.

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I can't vote right now because I am on a phone, and videos cost a lot of data. Once I get WiFi, I will be sure to watch them :D. Great job organizing this Way!

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@Vapovile: thanks I had help from both taka and Bigheart, without them i wouldn't have been able to get this posted on the front page

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I will have to find you the best AMV I have every found and it would work for this contest....ah yes here we go...the only proper response to this anime (though really I would love to get Tom's take on this one)


Also should people limit voting to shows they have seen? I vote yes....as part of making a good amv is fitting the song to the show...

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@zaldar: well you really can't nominate anymore AMVs to this Tournament, however; the next AMV Tournament your more than welcome to join if your interested, but for this Tournament you are allowed to vote now if you want, just please make sure to vote in the directions that are given at the very top. I agree that knowing the show might help people understand the AMV and thus making it a better AMV for that person, but if there is an AMV from an anime you didn't know about that you still find yourself enjoying immensely then you could still vote for that one, yet again its your opinion, so you can vote anyway you want =)

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I'll bump this for you since I see you spreading the news.

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@takashichea: Thanks i want to make sure to let others know. I really do want to try to get people from different sections on the site to see that everyone on anime vice is a part of the community

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Nearly forgot about this I'll vote later in the day:)

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