ATTACK ON TITAN Live-Action Movie Cast Photos

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Wall guardsmen have basically become the new Ghostbusters (as far as convention cosplay is concerned). There were so many strutting around Anime Expo this year that the LA convention center would've been thoroughly prepared if Colossal Titan ever spontaneously appeared.

Of course, that was all still amateur costuming. You had to wonder what professional outfits would look like...

Well, here are all of the live-action ATTACK ON TITAN movie's official cast portraits,at once -- recon photos relayed by Crunchyroll. There's an impressive level of weathered authenticity on display. These guardsmen really do look like they've been through hell and back. And the casting actually does look quite spot-on to the characters' personalities.

However, the compositing with the scenery, and the fact that the exact same lens flare has been inserted into every single photo, doesn't instill a ton of confidence in how the effects will be handled in this two-part feature. We've still yet to see any trailer (beyond a covert car commercial, of course) but anybody wondering how this epic spectacle's going to look in motion should probably take a gander at the PARASYTE movie trailer, and prepare for some admirable-for-what-it-is-at-least CGI work.

Now, what do you Vicers think? Would you take this ensemble over the GURREN LAGANN players?

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Cool I guess, but I thought Mikasa was the Only Japanese person left in the world, at least if the anime was anything to go by, Over all though I Still think these live action anime productions Are a waste of time, I mean what's the need?,
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Ehh 2nd one from the right on the second row... thats a rpg.. Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher.

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They all look weird.

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Looks good, but I want to see a live-action titan :D

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Looks pretty shitty. Hopefully they don't do the same thing they did in that car commercial.

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I hope this doesn't turn into a nightmare.

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@Kino88: why not , if the series can be a live action let it be

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Pictures look great, but without much info or a trailer, I am not confident in the film's success.
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Don't have confidence in this to be honest but I am open to be surprised.
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