PERSONA 4 Gets A Movie, and Maybe PERSONA 3!!

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It's a clip show, it's a movie. It's all this and so much more!!

Persona 4 The Animation - The Factor of Hope -
Persona 4 The Animation - The Factor of Hope -

It's started on June 9th of this year that a very limited release of a PERSONA 4 movie opened in Japan. The title is PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION -THE FACTOR OF HOPE-. Now, understand that the term movie is a rather loose definition here. What is actually airing in only ten theaters across all of Japan is a 90 minute re-edit of the PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION anime series, but will also include some new cuts of footage. It will also be including the as of yet un-aired 26th True End episode "No One is Alone".

The film's official website includes a list of the time of swag moviegoers will receive depending on the cost of their admission through advanced ticket sales. All attendees will be given a special PERSONA 4 sticker sheet that has art from the movie. The purchase of the ¥2,000 ($25 USD) advance ticket gets a movie poster adorned with a printed signature of Daisuke Namikawa, the voice actor for Yu Narukami. The ¥1,500 ($19 USD) advance ticket purchases receivea a set of two postcards adored with Persona 4 art work.

At the Tokyo's Shinjuku Wald 9 midnight showing, Daisuke Namikawa, Showtaro Morikubo, and Kappei Yamaguchi appeared for an onstage greeting. This screening priced at ¥3,000 ($37 USD) included a select airing of Persona 4 The Animation episodes after the movie.

Airing locations include

  • Tokyo - Shinjuku Wald 9
  • Tokyo - Ikebukuro Sunshine Cinema
  • Kanagawa - Yokohama Brook 13
  • Kanagawa - Kawasaki Cinecitta
  • Chiba - Keisei Rosa 10
  • Saitama - MOVIX Saitama
  • Tochigi - MOVIX Utsunomiya
  • Osaka - Umeda Brook 7
  • Osaka - Namba Parks Cinema
  • Aichi - Warner Michael Otaka

PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION is currently being hosted online by The Anime Network - HERE or HULU - HERE. Sentai Filmworks will also be distributing the series later this year on DVD and Blu-ray with a full English dub. Cast announcements still pending.

PERSON 3 Movie?!

P3 - Persona 3
P3 - Persona 3

Since this movie has already started airing in Japan, there has been a lot of word of mouth that a trailer shown after the PERSONA 4 movie teased about a PERSONA 3 movie. It's hard to find much confirmation outside of random Twitter feed of movie goers, but everyone knows that audiences love to chat about what they just saw. Viewers of this teaser describe it as showing a calendar that slides backward a total two years to the very beginning of the PERSONA 3 game timeline, and an image of the P3 protagonist (nicknamed Kitaro in Japan) appears.

If these rumors turn out to hold some weight, we may finally be getting a real anime adaptation of the PERSONA 3 story. Not counting the PERSONA -TRINITY SOUL- that tried to act as a sequel to the game's events.

Sources: ANN HERE, Crunchyroll HERE & HERE

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It'll be interesting to see if there will be a P3 adoption. And if it going to be a movie I bet it'll cover the Answer Arc since it is fitting as a movie.

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Hm. This makes me wonder how P3 is going to be handled as a movie altogether. I also think they might go with the Answer Arc rather than the Journey Arc, but there's a chance that the creators could split it into two parts.

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