Persona 3 Portable Coming Stateside

Topic started by John_Martone on Jan. 21, 2010. Last post by gia 5 years, 1 month ago.
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Oh Persona 3. Despite critical response that you're an amazing RPG, I never found the time to play you. Whenever I cleared the schedule, you would release some sort of fantabulous special edition. Either way, the 3rd in the line of Persona 3 products, Persona 3 Portable, cleverly dubbed P3P (on the PSP) comes with plenty of bells and whistles. Most notably, of course, is the inclusion of the female protagonist the player choose.
Giant Bomb collected some screens of the new game, but needless to say, expect this to be one of the sexiest RPGs to hit the PSP to date. Expect to pick it up July 6th.
Now to forget everything I remember of Persona: Trinity Soul
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I 'd rather have a remake of Persona 4 to be honest. This game just doesn't need to be made a 3rd time.
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Remake Persona 4 for PS3, add DLC/expansion and we're cooking. I've never played P3, I hear about parts of the game that in a lot opinions are better than P4, but I'll stick with just knowing the story and relevant references in P4.
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Here a fun thing to do, if you got Persona 3 FES, go check out the art book that included. You will see a really early version of the female protagonist in there, guess the female protagonist was plan for the early version of P3 but never made it.
On the side note, I also check the Persona 4 Visual Data art book. And yes, there also a illustrations of a female protagonist but unlike the P3 she in a very early sketches.
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I'll buy it a third time too, I'm such a sucker.  I own the CE of the original P3, P3: FES, and I'll be buying this.
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You should really make P3: FES your first experience with P3. This is because due to the size limitation of the UMD, Atlus had to cut out most of the in engine cutscenes, meaning where there was once some funny or sometimes very serious animation going on now it's just text. I mean the dialogue is still great but there is some pretty good bits with the inengine cutscenes. Also the Answer isn't included, which was a cool bonus that was a nice challenging after dungeon, which really forced you to push your skill with the battle system to the limit and added an extra story to the end, which shows how the rest of the characters deal with
and providing some clarity on what happened
Anyway I'm excited to play it again on a portable system and with the improvements to the batle system made in P4. (as in having to the option not to rely on the AI of your teamates) The inclusion of a second female main character for those of us who played through the original and looking for a new spin on the old game is what really sells it though, especially hearing that some new social links will be included. (I presume for her) I wonder if it will be as much of a mad dash to try to get all social links to 10 in this one (it was kind of like min/maxing make one mistake in your social link schedule and you probably weren't going to do it [although it was easier on a new game+ since you didn't have to worry about raising stats]) or if they'll make it easier like they did in P4.
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i'm playing P3 right now and i think i'll prob pick it up for the psp just to play this amazing game again with the female main char.
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Having played the original version, I don't know if this new edition is worth buying. Maybe I'll pick up this one up just to play as the female character, but the other bonuses don't appeal so much to me.
edit: Oh, a new theme song! Hell yeah! Though I prefer the original one. =P
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The ending for this game has sorta been spoiled for me (damn you, youtube comments!). But I'm still looking forward to playing it.
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Yay, now I....I mean we can play as a girl.
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@Konanda: Oh don't tell me that! I've been so excited that I don't have to play FES anymore...
I've had a recent craze where I've been loving my 50 hour RPG's on the PSP. That way I just chug through them at night as a little wind down gaming before sleeping.
Now I need to play through the game twice! shesh
Funny story, I actually bought a copy of the original P3 about a week before FES was announced. Returned it (to gamestop) that day.
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Well, as I said the dialogue during those scenes is still really good for the most part, it's just you miss the animation, which if you've seen some of the Endurance Run would know can be quite hilarious in some scenes. As for the Answer, the actual story of it is quite short and you could find it somewhere on youtube or a wiki if you really wanted to know what happens in that extra bit. 
Although like I said I'm going to get this for another run through since the inclusion of a seperate main character and hearing she's supposedly going to have new social links and they are going to bring the combat improvements from P4 is enough to go through it again for me. I wonder if they'll increase the number of return spots between floors in Tartarus to go with the whole portable vibe or maybe a quick save, although I guess there is always the sleep mode.
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@Konanda:Hmm... I will probably go for the read wiki solution on the answer, since I am not made of the time required for 50+ hour RPGs. Well, not to play them twice, I mean. I assume I won't have the games I want to buy this and next month even done by the time this rolls around.
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@John_Martone: Amen to this @_@;;
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The Answer is actually fairly short probably on the side of 30 hours. The trade off is it is really hard. Also for the important story (both ingame and anime) scenes I'm willing to bet you can find an upload of them on youtube.     
Also John you better sit down for this. Take that 50 hours and multiply it by 1.5 to 2, that's how long Persona 3 is.  
4 is about the same length, but than again with 4 you can see all 100+ hours along with awesome commentary by Jeff and Vinny on Giantbomb. Although I would recommend playing through it by oneself still since it's a great game and well in their quest they missed a bunch of stuff. That and WHO PICKS CHIE FOR CHRISTMAS! I mean it's not as bad as the all dudes one but come on everyone knows Naoto is the best chick in the game. (inb4 people whining about a super obvious spoiler, I mean who thought she wasn't a girl when they first heard her speak) 
Oh and for my claim if you look up fan fic with Naoto and the Main Character you will see it's that's fan favourite and rightfully so. 
As for not having time to play the games I've bought I can attest to that, I just recently bought Bayonetta and Darksiders and am about a third of the way through Bayonetta, Darksiders is unopened and I just picked up my preorder of Mass Effect 2: Collectors Edition today and opened it up to look at the characters that have been revealed in the art book and at the comic. (part 1 of 4) Oh and I still have a backlog of stuff from early last year and a bit of 2008. o.O Not to mention a bunch of books I want to read. Currently on the second Mass Effect novel Ascension and had finished Spice & Wolf vol. 1 right before that.
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@Addfwyn:  I own FES, but I am still buying this. Putting any game on a portable system is always more of an incentive for me to play it.
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@parasyteFMA said:
" @Addfwyn:  I own FES, but I am still buying this. Putting any game on a portable system is always more of an incentive for me to play it. "
Well, what I find weird is that these slightly more "standard" RPGs work really well for me on the PSP. I can put in 30 minutes-1 hour playing them in bed, like 4 days out of the week. Mathmatically it means that beating the game will take months, but it can be a very different, but very gratifying experience. Final Fantastic Tactics: War of the Lions took me 2 1/2 months, and I felt like the party members were parts of my family by that point.
As much as I want Bayonetta, I skipped it so that it'll be cherry for my rainy day in the future. Yesterday though, I bought MAG and No More Heroes 2, so I know what you mean... oh shia, I still need to finish Demon Souls.
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Oh Bayonetta will pop your cherry alright. The crazy Japanese I don't know what just happened but it was awesome cherry. Although being in the industry you're in I'm guessing that event already came to be. 
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What do you guys think? Should I get around to Persona 3 at last on my beloved PSP?
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