PERSONA 3 Movie Green-Light Confirmed!

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It's no longer a rumor. Persona 3 is coming to theaters...eventually.

P3 - Persona 3
P3 - Persona 3

On the very day the movie PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION -THE FACTOR OF HOPE- was released in Japan, rumors were spreading like fog across Inaba that after the credits there was a teaser trailer hinting at a PERSONA 3 Movie. The rumors were little more than word of mouth in forums or Twitter feed, but the green light on this project was confirmed to be true by ANN.

The clip shown after the movie was of the unnamed male protagonist of PERSONA 3 putting a gun to his own head and before making the announcement of the movie. Word is also that a calendar is shown flipping back in time to two years, the timeline for the P3 game. And that's about the long and short of it. The movie is either just starting production, or will be.You're going to find a lot of speculation over the net. For reasons beyond me, some even think this movie will be live-action. Given that the teaser was of an animated character, that seems like wild speculation and little else. This is a Japanese production. Not Hollywood.

It's more likely that this movie will be an abbreviated summary of the game's events, much in the same way the PERSONA 4 movie was an edited version of the P4 anime events.

The PEROSNA 3 game was originally a PS2 exclusive game, but it was re-released for the Sony PSP as PERSONA 3 PORTABLE. The updated PERSONA 3 FES RPG is currently available for download on PSN. Some the the P3 characters will also be appearing in the PERSONA 4 ARENA fighter for the PS3 and XBox 360.

Sources: ANN HERE & Paste Magazine HERE

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It going to be a interesting movie depending on which arc they use.

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Indeed it is interesting, but the whole story will need more than one movie if the producers (Assuming that Aniplex is also producing this) vie to use both arcs, otherwise it wouldn't work and the reception might backfire.

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Persona 3 has had a bad history with anime. That Trinity Soul didn't go over too well, because that was set ten tears after the game's story.

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Well it can't be as bad as Trinity Soul was

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