One Piece 682 - Dragons Are People Too

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Chapter 682 - "Mastermind"
Chapter 682 - "Mastermind"

This week cover page is a cover story, it about Caribou in the G-5 Marines base. I kind of feel sorry for him now


Someone Going To Get It
Someone Going To Get It

Law has entered the S.A.D. Manufacturing Room. The door to B block have been close shut, the G-5 Marines worry about Sanji's safety, now that poison cloud has filled the passage way. Sanji then leaps down with two G-5 Marines under his arm from above, saying the battle ended early because Vergo ran off somewhere. The G-5 Marines are wondering if that was the real Vergo, but Tashigi lie and say he was a fake.


Vergo contacts Joker, who is at Dressrosa island. As the two talk a lady wearing a maid outfit attack him, shooting a canon at pinpoint range. But it seems it didn't effect him as he continue to talk to Vergo. Upon hearing that Law has reached the S.A.D. Manufacturing Room, Joker orders Vergo to destroy it, and kill Law without any mercy. He then sends two of his subordinates, Baby 5 (who was trying to kill him a moment ago) and Buffalo to Punk Hazard.

My Name Is Baby 5, You Killed My Father Prepare To Die
My Name Is Baby 5, You Killed My Father Prepare To Die

In B block, Brownbeard becomes worried that the PH Dragon will destroy the building letting the poison gas in. Then, Nami use her lightning style: Thunder Trap follow by Usopp using Certain Kill: Green Star and then Robin using Quarento Fleur: Quatro Mano to stop the PH Dragon from moving. Brook and Kinemon deliver the final blow. Nami then notices Chopper upstairs in Monster Point, fighting the zombie giant kids.

The Good

+ Law's evil smile

Sakura Eat Your Heart Out LOL!
Sakura Eat Your Heart Out LOL!

+ Joker just chilling out, while someone try to kill him

+ Baby 5's power, her power look interesting

+ The guy in the top hat look so cool

+ Brook getting mad at the PH Dragon for not wanting to eat him

+ Team Zoro taking down the PH Dragon, while Zoro is chilling

The Bad

- Oda taking a week off

- No Luffy or Franky

My Quick Thoughts

Hmm, so I guess the S.A.D. is Super Awesome Dragon LOL! Anyway, this chapter was so awesome. There so many thing happening and it seems that we are getting new fighters for the Straw Hats to fight. I can't wait to see Baby 5 fight and who going to be her opponent. I really hope that the first Dragon that Luffy and Zoro kill wasn't a kid


I'll give this chapter 4 out of 5, it was an awesome chapter, but suck I have to wait two weeks for the next one

This Scene Is So Cool, But Why There A Little Girl There?
This Scene Is So Cool, But Why There A Little Girl There?

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Lol. Doflamingo is a pimp. His personal fetish must be getting attacked by women. But things are escalating more. He must be one of if not the strongest shichibukai. For one he was the former leader of another shichibukai, and he is the last one to be encountered by the Strawhats and that always counts for something in shonen. And last but not least, poor Caribou! Lol. Oda tells a story with just one page a week, but it's hilarious. I wonder if he will be saved.
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