One Piece 681 - Take My Wallet, & Leave Me Alone!

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Hello, everyone and welcome to a One Piece Chapter Review. Check out takashichea blogs - Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 147 & His fall of 2012 trailers Busou Shinki, Psycho-Pass, Shin Sekai Yori & Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun


One Piece 681 - "Luffy Versus Master"
One Piece 681 - "Luffy Versus Master"

This week cover page is a cover story, it about Jimbei taking Caribou to the G-5 Marine Base. Ok, Jimbei have you been smoking? Turning Caribou into the Marines isn't a good idea. One, because you are a wanted pirate and two, Caribou know about Shirahoshi's little secret (that would spell trouble for Fishman Island, if the World Government find out)


I Love That Face
I Love That Face

Luffy begins to fight with CC, while the lovely Monet looks on. Smoker grab his Jitte and leaves to find Vergo. CC ask Luffy, "why is he still after him?" Luffy reply " I don't know, but if I kidnapped you, something interesting will happen". Then CC uses his ability to remove the oxygen from the surrounding area, forcing Luffy to fight from a distance. But then CC close the gap and then use his Blue Sword and try to slash Luffy. Luffy dodge the and prepares to counted attack with his Armament Haki Gum Gum Jet Gatling, but the lovely Monet block the attack by making a wall to shield CC. She holds Luffy back while CC escapes, she then ask Luffy to not go after CC saying that Joker will erased her if she lets anything happen to CC.

What Is Your Powers?
What Is Your Powers?

In the passage way that connects block A and block B, the B-block door is slowly closing whiles Sanji and Vergo continued to fight, Sanji manage to kick Vergo head first into a wall. Then the A-block door slowly opens, allowing the poison cloud to enter the passage way. Vergo then get back up and kicks Sanji hard enough to crack a bone in Sanji's leg. Back around the Lab area, one of CC's centaur henchman announces over a broadcast that Law has entered the S.A.D. Manufacturing Room. Law walks through the area with a smile on his face, while CC, Vergo and the lovely Monet realize what his plan is.

The Good

+ All of CC's faces when Luffy hit him

What Are You Planning Law!?
What Are You Planning Law!?

+ Luffy's reason for going after him

+ CC's Blue Lightsaber

+ The Lovely Monet's power (I just in love with her)

+ The fight with Sanji and Vergo

+ Law (He is so awesome)

The Bad

- Still no Chopper or Franky

My Quick Thoughts

Wow, things are heating up. I wondering what is Law after and what CC have plan for Luffy. Also it seems that Vergo is either a Devil Fruit user or is he a master of the Six Powers (That CP9 use). Man, I can't wait until next week.


I'll give this chapter 4 out of 5, it was an awesome

Hmm, I thought Sith only use Red Lightsabers
Hmm, I thought Sith only use Red Lightsabers

Also please support the official release

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Hmm, the fact that Monet is attempting to communicate personally with Luffy says two things. One that Doflamingo is not to be trifled with and is apparently far more fearsome than Caeser and two that our hope of her possibly joining the crew or at least being a future ally may happen! I just sometimes wish we had more to go on. I mean, everything was going perfectly for Jinbei to join, even having a cover where he looked like the tenth Strawhat, but he still turned them down. Knowing Oda it still could happen. Sanji and Franky also delayed joining the crew. But at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if even Aokiji were to join (there's hope! They still have no logia.) but we'll see. Good chapter as always with one piece, better than last week too. Luffy was putting a beating on Caesar though and the guy is actually very strong. Time skip Luffy is just seemingly a monster. Sanji got a couple good hits in on Vergo, but the guy's ability seems very powerful in close combat to shatter the leg of the likes of Sanji in one hit. That has actually never happened to him before. Maybe he and Smoker will need to combine to beat Vergo. But perhaps most importantly, what is Law about to do? It seemed to freak everybody out. Anyway great chapter.
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