One Piece 677 - Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home

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Hello, everyone and welcome to a late One Piece Chapter Review. Check out takashichea blogs - Beginner's Guide to Beelzebub, Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals & Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 143


One Piece 677 - "Counter Hazard"
One Piece 677 - "Counter Hazard"

This week cover page is a cover story, it about Caribou getting KO by Jimbei (my wish came true). Now I hope Jimbei Hi-jacks the cover page story from Caribou


Super Speed On
Super Speed On

The brokers continue to look on, as Pekoms is shock that CC managed to capture Monkey D. Luffy. Somewhere else in the New World, Kid and Killer are about to go into a meeting, about making an alliance with Apoo and Hawkins.

So Cute
So Cute

Back on Punk Hazard island, Law begins his counterattack, by asking if anyone can burn a nearby ship to create a smokescreen, as Franky gladly do. Then he reveals that he had swapped his Sea Prism chains with normal ones, allowing him to easily break free. He then switch Smoker and Tashigi back into their original bodies, in return for forgetting Joker's identity and Law involvement on the island. Outside, team Zoro continue to flee from the poison cloud. Sanji (in Nami's body) catch up to the dragon, while Usopp and Nami (in Sanji's body) ride on Brownbeard. Kinemon and Zoro cut through the iron shutters and Brownbeard bust the door down, and all of them reach the lab at the same time.

The Good

Kid Look So Awesome
Kid Look So Awesome

+ Kid and Killer

+ Kid making an alliance with Apoo & Hawkins

+ Law's counterattack plan

+ Franky's Fire Ball

+ Luffy being all loud

+ Sanji (in Nami's body) scene

+ Zoro, Kinemon & Brownbeard busting down the door

The Bad

- There was no Monet :(

- The villains being dumb

My Quick Thoughts

This was an awesome chapter. Finding out that Kid make an alliance with Apoo and Hawkins, just surprise me. Since he doesn't seem the type of guy who ask for help. I wonder who they are going after, it probably Big Mom. Also Law's powers are so broken


I'll give this chapter a 4 out of 5, it was an really awesome chapter (so hype about next week)

CC Going To Get His Butt Kick
CC Going To Get His Butt Kick

Also please support the official release

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Lol at the cover. But indeed awesome chapter. I want to see them whip Caesar. My question is future loyalties. Will the Luffy/Law alliance last the rest of the manga or will it be temporary? What will Smoker do now that he is learning of the treachery within the marines? I really want to know who the next and possibly last Strawbat will be. Law? Smoker? Jinbei? Maybe even Aokiji?
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Smoker calls himself a marine if he is going to ally himself with Luffy. I remember the guy was tough for Luffy to escape.

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But you got to remember that his men's life was at stake and taking down Vergo is more important, then taking down Luffy

Little evil for a greater good

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the cover is so attractive!!!

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