One Piece 675 - Wait A Second, You Are Evil!!!!

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the another One Piece Chapter Review, check out Elfenlied1012 blog - Welcome to the N.H.K review & Bigheart711 blog - Quick Pick: True Blue Trouble


Chapter 675 - "And It&squot;s Called Shi-No-Kuni"
Chapter 675 - "And It's Called Shi-No-Kuni"

This week cover page is a cover story, it Caribou doing what he do best, kidnapping Mermaids. I didn't really like this one, hope Jimbei's punch Caribou to the Moon


Oh No, These Kids Have The Youngblood's Disease
Oh No, These Kids Have The Youngblood's Disease
That My Reaction After I Read A Sasuke Chapter
That My Reaction After I Read A Sasuke Chapter

CC and the giant zombie kids get off the Flying Gas Balloon, and enter his research lab. CC tell the giant zombie kids that their candy is located in the Biscuits Room. But Mocha, who somehow resist being a giant mindless zombie. She tries to escape and screams out to Nami for help. Back where Nami in Sanji's body and Usopp are at, Nami have waked up and is amaze how much damage Sanji's body can take. Back in the lab, CC meets with Monet and Vergo, ready to start the experiment. He reveals that he knows all of Law's plans thanks to Monet's powers, it is also reveal that CC have Law's heart (which he give to Vergo) and Law have Monet's heart. Then, CC resumes his broadcast to the brokers, explaining that by eating the special candy he prepared, Smiley will become Shinokuni, a more powerful poisonous gas weapon, than it was four years ago.

The Good

+ I just love the zombies kids


+CC was pretty good this chapter (love his face)

+ Seeing more brokers

+ Law

+ The baby dragon

The Bad

- Another info chapter


I'll give this chapter a 3 out of 5, it was a ok chapter only more set up

So Many New Characters
So Many New Characters

Also please support the official release

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You're right so many new characters. I wonder if one of them is Kaido.
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