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To start this con experience off, my friends and I, the MTAC promo crew, took a 9-10 hour drive from Nashville to Columbus. The trip was filled with iced roads and crazy semi truck drivers from northern Kentucky onward. That was not fun, especially being packed in the back of a 5-person-stuffed van. We made it into town around 4 a.m., checked in and were out like lights.

The con has been fairly fun. The registration line has moved remarkably fast as compared to last year. Our MTAC booth was right across from the registration line, but there often wasn't much of a line. Still, plenty of people pass by, as we're in a fairly active hall, so we were able to give out some fliers.
Niko want
Niko want

I only went to two panels today: Tokusatsu and Super Sentai Tamashi! The toku panel had plenty of sentai discussion, but it was well-rounded with Kamen Rider, Ultraman and other notable series. Plenty of excitement for Kamen Rider Decade. The sentai panel was filled with drooling over the panelists' toys. Mix of American and Japanese ranger toys, there were morphers, zords, figures and plenty more. A collection to be jealous of.

Tattoos and Kabuto zecter. Really cool.
Tattoos and Kabuto zecter. Really cool.
The two panels were filled with some cool people. In the toku panel, the guy next to me had IXA's henshin belt. I wanted it so much. In the sentai panel, another guy had the Kabuto zector belt, as well as some awesome Kamen Rider tatoos. That's some dedication to a fairly niche fandom, so he gets awesome points.

There was a Gundam panel I meant to go to, but I missed it. Oh well. They mispelled Zeon as "Zion" on the schedule anyway. There was another panel called "All Things Dolph Lundgren." No idea what that has to do with anime, but I'm trying to find out.

The rest of the time was spent either wandering around the con floor to get the lay of the land, drooling over things I cannot afford in the dealers room or at the MTAC booth.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and attend a panel on anime journalism, video games as an art (hosted by Topless Robot's Rob Bricken) and some others I want to see what they're about. Oh, and free continental breakfast. Yay Drury Inn.
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Wow! Great tattoos! I just hope I could attend a panel regarding anime journalism.

How much is those, Power Rangers figures cost or any anime-related merchandise in general because I'm probably going to a con in May or something.

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Will be purchasing any of the awesomeness? Or is it out of your price range?
   Hope you're having a good time :-)
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Cool tatoos the 555 on actually looks better then the bouken/faiz one from Decade XD
*points* i got most of those already but those sentai heroine figures are the ones im looking for.
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I also made it to Rob Bricken's The Electric Novel: Videogames as Art" panel. Turned out it was all on FF7. At first, I cringed, fearing some typical fan love, but Bricken did a good job showing how FF7 uses conventions of more complex story telling, backing up his point of video games at art. It was really well tought out. It should, considering Bricken wrote his college thesis on the exact topic in 150 pages.

Stopped by the "Anime and Media Literacy" panel. It was about how we as a fandom understand and appreciate anime, what we get out of watching it. Interesting topic.
Kinda late, Jack.
Kinda late, Jack.

Otherwise, spent most of the time at the MTAC booth, taking occasional photos. It gets boring, especially when you're the only one as I was for a couple of hours, but it's not so bad. Got to see plenty of cool cosplayers. Even a Santa Jack Skellington and some Ronin Warriors.

The evening thus far is ending with a dinner with MTAC, ACen, OMGcon and Ohayocon staff. It was really good stir fry. I am satisifyingly full for the night.

Tomorrow is mostly finish out the day, pack up and head back home before a blizzard. Fun times.
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I wish i was there
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Sunday was fairly uneventful, as it usually is at cons. I ended up accidentally sleeping through the big parties of Saturday night/Sunday morning, but at least I was far more rested than my roommates.

After a brief scare of stolen equipment this morning (a prank played by a friend in artist alley), we took down the MTAC booth. Always far easier than putting the thing up. After saying good byes and packing up, we left the con sometime after noon. The ride home was slightly shorter with far less ice to deal with but was still full with everyone being silly as always.

With the con over, I look back and try to pick out my favorite parts of the con. Off the top of my extremely-tired head, only a few monents stand out
BoukenPink, host of the toku panel
BoukenPink, host of the toku panel

My favorite panel was the tokusatsu panel. The host and the attendees seemed knowledgeable on the topic, and it was fun to sit in on. Gave me some stuff to think about for my Super Sentai/Kamen Rider panel at MTAC, which I somewhat feel over my head in.

My favorite experience though was the dinner Saturday night with the other convention representatives. It's neat to meet people new and old who do manage conventions. A lot of times, everyone is fairly nice. Everyone was very friendly with each other and seemed to have established good working relationships. We finished it off with a touching toast to a continued good year to all the cons present. Oh, and the food was good too.

Ok, con's over. Sleep time. Check out my facebook album for more con pics.
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So, just wondering, how well do you think I covered my experiences at the con? I don't think I could cover the con too well without attending the usual major events, but I did the best with what I saw.

Also, what do you think is a better service for hosting my con and other photos: Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket or anything else?
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I think you did a fine job for what you attended. As you said, since you didn't attend too many major events, the recaps of the minor ones seemed fine.

As for photos, Facebook is a super popular way to show off stuff and lots of people have accounts there so I don't see anything wrong with just sticking to Facebook. As for my own personal choice, I prefer Flickr but that's just me.
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What panel was this where they discussed the narrative structure of FF7 ?! And how did I miss it?! I went to Final Fantasy: Past, Present and Future Panel and it was interesting to hear them talk about how the gameplay, strategy, and worlds evolved. Once more people started pouring in and we hit IX and X (neither of which the panelists liked), it just turned into a free for all and let's talk about how much cooler FF7 and Crisis Core is than all the rest. I'm so mad I  missed the anime and literacy! I really wanted to go to that, but everything was haphazard on the schedule and things were cancelled left and right, I just finally had to point my finger at a panel and go. Did you by chance go to the one on Sexism & Gender in Anime? It was really good though it could've benefitted from a female perspective.
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It was "The Electric Novel: Videogames as Art" panel. Sometime Saturday morning.

I didn't make it to the
Sexism & Gender in Anime panel. It didn't have a female perspective? I would have thought that would be the key gender to have there, and both being ideal.
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