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Topic started by Monarch_Chronicle on May 28, 2012. Last post by FireFistAce 2 years, 8 months ago.
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This thread was created as a place where people who had experienced the journey of Air Gear can share good moments and memories of this great piece of art with fellow lovers and people yet to partake on this slice or art.

P.s this is my first anime vice post so tell me if i messed up big :) and thanks.

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What I heard is that at one point it was about dudes on hover-skates competing against other dudes on hover-skates and then somehow it became a manga about how Barack Obama possessed the body of a Japanese schoolgirl for awhile and planned to deliver free energy to people but the hero was like "nah" and stopped him/her from doing it. The only explanation is that Air Gear was Oh Great making fun of other shonen manga, because if he meant this to be taken seriously then it's just not worth the praise.
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I agree to some degree it was a parody but so was one of my fav animes ever is Martian successor Nidesco so that part does not really bother me, and lets be honest, some of the greatest pieces of work have started out or have at some point micked or made fun of popular series then become popular themselves so i fail to see how Air Gear is guilty of anything or how that somehow robbies it from being praise worthy.

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I'm amazed at the popularity of the manga. The anime was not good and did some random stuff. Plus, the story went almost nowhere considering what the protagonist wanted to do. I made a blog on my thoughts of the series. You can see it here: Dunce Cap: Kicking Ass With Skates.

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I loved the anime but I found the manga to be really confusing and hard to get into. I still read a fair bit of it but I really don't think I understood most of it, especially when they tried to throw science in there and tried to be really clever. I was just like WHY?!?! lol

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As much as I'm very impressed with the art style, the story was just becoming more mess after each chapter. I think there was ten chapters or more about two guys fighting each other, and each chapter ending with cheesy cliffhanger of "Ha, now you're finished. What the my attack didn't work?!" with "Now I show you my true/hidden skill". When you read each chapters ending like that for ten or more consecutive chapters, it got really annoying, at least for me. Oh Great did same thing just like Tenjou Tenge, great art but really terrible story, so messed and confusing to the point that I could not enjoy reading it anymore.

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Personally i loved air gear but all the mumbo jumbo about the wings and fangs... come on its man made equipment =/
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