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Topic started by SilverZeo on June 23, 2011. Last post by Dream 3 years, 6 months ago.
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@Sonata: Touche, but they do add in annoted details for those ignorant of some Japan's culture. From Zorori FanSubs, I learned a great deal of Japanese superstition, jokes, and so on...
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This thread doesn't have my pick.
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I like the freedom fansubs have with font and placement especially compared to DVDs, on Blu-Rays it's better but not great still.
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I find that fansubs add wanton profanity too much (they aren't dropping F-bombs in Naruto, a show marketed to 10 year olds) and there's a desire to turn every episode into a lesson on Japanese culture via translation notes. One exampled that always pops into my mind is when someone wrote a line, "This [japanese word for rice ball] is great." and then they added a translation note saying that the Japanese word meant rice ball. Wtf didn't they just translate it as rice ball the first time and get it over with rather than flood the screen with text? Plus a lot of them are kinda human garbage. The site for any group that does a moe show of any type is going to littered with words like "fag" "nigger" and jokes about child rape. Additionally, I don't see the point of them when the majority of anime gets simulcasted for free these days.

The general fansub experience is one I find to not be worth it. I find that Crunchyroll's subs are usually the best. They have a bit more personality than official subs but they don't go to gutter trash or translation note fiesta levels like fansubs do.

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@sickVisionz I haven't had too much trouble with adding cursing in fsubs but then again I don't speak Japanese and the dubs are usually 10x worse (HoTD as a case in point changing Takashi from a normal person to a retard who says 'fucking a' when agreeing or cheerful.)
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I wouldn't mind that since I always thought of High School of the Dead as being the Japanese anime version of like cheesy teen slasher movies like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and stuff like that.  They curse all the time in those movies. 
I'd call shenanigans on dubs being 10x worse for random cursing.  HotD is one dub and it's not really representative of dubs as a whole.
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The biggest gripe I have about official subs is that too many leave out honorifics and similar pronouns.  Sometimes they use substitute words which don't quite fit. "Senpai", "Onii-chan", and "Aniki" are examples of word I'd rather they use than "upper classman" and "big brother" because who uses them and how they are used adds meaning to the relationship between the characters.  Additionally, I like it when they use the original Japanese name when it fits better.  Okonomiyaki is a type of Japanese food and it turns up in quite a few shows.  I was watching some series recently and it was substituted as "stuffed pancake".  Takoyaki is another one that has been simplified to "octopus" in some releases.   I guess what it comes down to isn't specific to official or fan subs.  I just don't like it when the subs are dumbed down too much.
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@sickVisionz I agree with you that HoTD is a teen horror movie along the lines of Scream and Piranah3D (wink) but according to reviews they changed his personality as well (this is only from the ANN review, but I trust them)

I'm just not a fan of dubs in general I'm just can't put my finger on why. Out of all the stuff I've watched I've only liked the Code Geass, Evangelion and Mononoke.
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You gotta love how in the Sentai and Kamen Rider fansubs, they capture the awesomeness of the henshins!
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Usually I'd pick official subs, they're more professional and I'd hope more accurate. In Clannad and Clannad After Story's case though, fan subs all the way. The official sub for that show isn't anywhere near as good. One of the character's defining characteristics is that she refers to herself in third person, and in the official sub they completely ignored that and had her talk like everyone else.

So yeah, in some cases, the fan sub groups just care more about a series and it's fans, and because of that the subbing is better.

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@Newten: ANd sometimes professional companies like Funimation can fumble too, onDemand, I found the subtitles to the comment boxes to be far too small to read for the episode when they introduce the Zuka Club...
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It all depends on what the sub group's doing with the translation and whether or not they decide to give us more insight to the culture being presented.
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Both have their benefits and flaws. 
While official subs don't bombard the screen with text unnecessarily making for a much cleaner TV screen when watching the Japanese audio version of a title, distributors often can take liberties with the translations to whichever titles they work on which can usually significantly change the meaning of a particular scene than what was intended from the show's original creators. Outside of Funimation, distributors also have the habit of removing honorifics for many of the titles they distribute. While this does work well for some titles whose settings don't take place in Japan, the use of honorifics plays a major role in indicating the relationships between characters in a Japanese setting and removing them can often creates awkward moments in the translation for viewers who have not had prior exposure to said series.
In most cases, fansubs create a more faithful translation to a series as the groups translating them are much more focused on providing a proper translation for viewers to follow. However as discussed, there are fansubbers who like to add profanity to translations which weren't actually spoken from the characters onscreen. Plus, most fansub groups like to bombard the screen with text; whether it be karaoke effects to accompany song lyrics, translation notes during the middle of an episode or sticking their group credits in the middle of the OP/ ED sequence. This makes it rather hard to follow what is going on onscreen when you have so much text in front of you to follow. 
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