OBD reliable or unreliable

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do you think the obd is reliable or unreliable? when you answer have reasons to back up your answer

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Well.. I don't think so IMO.

I think is better to look up feats your own self rather than to see calculations which are bull. Secondly I have only gone to it like 3 times and that's enough for me since they didn't had scans of characters.

like I said, real scans>calculations and statements.

I would rather read an entire series than to rely on Wikis like those... tho recently I came across with one called Deadliest Fictional Characters... kinda the same, but at least they show scans, tho I still wouldn't rely on it.

Also I see that their users are rude, good thing I haven't joined it.

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Vaguely reliable. In listing abilities and power levels it's pretty good, but when comparing a verse to another, in my opinion it's done pretty badly. I think there was an inconclusive match of Akainu vs Hougyoku Aizen just as an example.
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@taichokage: those are the debaters(fanwankers) not the people who calculate the feats

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It's fairly reliable, I've used it a few times and they usually back up feats with scans.

Just don't rely on their calculations because they're usually BS.

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