Obama Makes His Moe Debut in Manhwa

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This book is going to sell like hotcakes, I’m telling you now. The Korean publisher, Dasan Books, decided that it is just as important to entertain children as it is to educate them. To achieve this they decided to draw manga-style biographies based off famous people; the first being President Barack Obama.

This book is targeted at children ages 8-12, people who love shota, his throng of fans, and otaku who love anything that might be related to manga. It follows Obama’s life from his childhood up to his presidency, and everything in-between.

As mentioned before, there will be many more “heroes” this line of books will cover, like Charles Darwin, Martin Luther King, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, and God Len. It’s a pretty genius idea if you ask me, and will sell tons, especially when the Oprah book comes out. You can actually buy the book now, check it out at Amazon.

[Via Publishers Weekly]

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At least when that nuke aimed for North Korea goes slightly off target we'll know why.
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I bet he gets bitten by a radioactive spider and turns into a boy with spider powers.  Anyways, I'm not interested.
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??? I think my brain just short circuited.
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When I hear the words "Korean manhwa," three words come to mind: Cheap license fee.

Where do we start with this thing? The loud primary colors that rape the eyes? The Sesame Street font? The stuffed-doll human anatomy? The wonky perspective? They should've imported that doujin about "John Omaha" instead. Now that guy could draw.
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This just screams of political bs at it's finest. The only names you listed that could without argument be considered as historically significant are Darwin and MLK Jr.  None of the others, although huge celebrities (yes, celebrities), have really done anything on the same level as the prior listed two. I mean, I'm not asking them to even be dead already to start guaging their significance, but come on, the only other one anyone had even really heard of or payed attention to 10 years ago or more that I didn't list already was Oprah... (sorry Len, we'll be sure to add you AFTER you save the world...)
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This reminds me of a series of books I had as a child that told the stories of famous people like Alber Einstein and others. The only thing that's different is that mine were books and not comics, but I don't see the harm in educational comic books so this is kinda nice.
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Can't believe it !
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