Not sure if troll or just stupid

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Ok so here i will show some really bad comments so here we go by this was on a superman vs goku video

"Kami can recreate MOONS after they've been destroyed and recreate beings bodies, can Superman Prime do that? Didn't thought so,DBZ>ALL ANIME." - Skid Zero

HAHAHAHAHH WOW did you know that dbz are not even in the top strongest anime list so get over it dbz are weak compared to strong being in DC, marvel and anime - Me

"Name other anime characters who can one shot planets with ease please and provide evidence of it as well. And no, you're wrong, Tori-bot, GOD of DBZ can simply ERASE the entire Marvel and DC universe out of existence with a mere thought, or grant Goku omnipotence so he can do the job himself. DBZ characters can not be defeated only stalemated, Tori-bot wouldn't allow it." - Skid Zero

I don't have to name them come to place called anime vice and make a account there then say what your saying here over there, people either agree or say your wrong - ME

"No, you CAN'T name them because there is NO other anime characters beyond DBZ, you're spouting false bullshit." - Skid Zero

oh so your not going too join well too bad I know yur wrong and people on anime vice would have said you were wrong as well Dbz<<<<<<Marvel, DC and other strong animes nuff said - Me

"Anime vice are filled with trolls and people who creates shitstorms.Their opinions are not valuable, neither is yours. Name the strong anime characters,and list their feats, is that to hard for you to do? Or you're just spouting false shit? DBZ>>>>>>>ALL ANIME along with Marvel and DC put together, you can't prove otherwise." - Skid Zero

neither can you =D you can't prove jack so you lost - Me

"You're the one with all of the claims that you fail to back up with evidence.List these stronger than DBZ anime characters like you've claimed. =)

There is no other anime character above Ultimate Shenron and Tori-bot, do you like failing?Because you're quite prosperous when it comes to it." - Skid Zero

so are you like I said the names are on anime vice if you think your right then join other wise give up - Me

"LOL, no evidence?Well thank you for confirming my point precisely that there is no other anime characters above DBZ characters,troll harder next time. =)" - Skid Zero

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Why are you posting this on here? People don't care about trolls on YouTube

If you really want to post this stuff, please use the Facepalm thread (that why it there)

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@Destinyheroknight: no I wont and all i am saying is do you people agree or not and why is all so calm down

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@SMXLR8: lol wut? No one is getting upset, he directed you to the correct forum to post this.

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can u imagine if everybody made a post about a troll.

anyway i think he is just dumb but you should have told him about saint seiya

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@waybig1010101 said:

anyway i think he is just dumb but you should have told him about saint seiya

Yeah you should have just brought up Saint Saiya and you would have won instantly. You gotta slay trolls or they will keep on trolling.

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Nothing to see here folks, keep it moving.

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