North Korea Threatens To Wipe Japan Off the Map

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Itai News reports that North Korea began to bark once more, and this time its threats are aimed toward Japan. In the government newspaper Rodong Sinmun, or the Newspaper of the Workers, North Korea published an article in response to Japan’s interest in defending its boarders by building an army. The article states:
“If Japan wages another war of conquest, their whole land will be subject to our retaliatory strike! Japan’s major cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya and Kyoto are home to over a third of Japan’s population, and house most of its industry. Should we launch our powerful counterattack, Japan will become a scene of carnage!”
Sankaku Complex has noted that 2ch is not bothered by these threats at all. Here is what they are saying:

“It’s a declaration of war! w”
“Lucky I live in Gifu. Phew…”
“This little yakuza country is cooking up fights with all kinds of countries. Doesn’t it understand its own position yet?”
“Even if it lost a third of its population, Japan is still vastly stronger, right?”
“With a Hiroshima type blast in Tokyo, most government would cease.”
“Even so, the SDF and American armies would be unaffected. They could still crush North Korea on their own…”
“Why don’t we ask the Zainichi Koreans about this? If you keep sending them remittances and support their games, all you get back is a missile strike. It is splendid to be willing to die for the great general, is it not?”
“Why don’t they try ‘reducing Seoul to a sea of fire’ first?”
“So the Zainichi are no good as hostages then? What a pity their motherland has abandoned them so…”
“Try shooting one into Akihabara, the world’s otaku will turn on you!”
“Talk is cheap. Why don’t you try firing them?”
“Even if Japan becomes a scene of carnage, it can be rebuilt. But North Korea will be wiped from the face of the earth.”
“It would take them days to fuel that many missiles. In the mean time, North Korea would be reduced to ashes.”
“Finally we’ll be able to build Neo-Tokyo…”
“Weak dogs howl the loudest, don’t they? But we’re running out of patience. Anymore idle chatter and they should be annihilated. Hurry up and change the Constitution already…”
“This is great. Soon public opinion will favour Japan having nuclear weapons…”
“What’s up with this crazy country, it sounds like 2ch…”

Is North Korea all bark and no bite, or do they really have something up their sleeves? North Korea might not have all the fancy weapons Japan might currently have, but they do still have a large army; and let’s not forget they kicked our butts once already. Not to mention that China still has North Korea’s back, who is someone you don’t want to mess with.

In all honesty, North Korea is just bullying its neighbors, and wouldn’t actually do it. But if they did kill one third of Japan, well our hobby would be dead for a long time as well.

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I wouldn't over-estimate China's support of North Korea. If it came down to choosing between North Korea and the rest of the world, they wouldn't think twice about dropping ol' Kimmy.
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I think the DPRK just told the international community that they only have five nukes, or five delivery vehicles -- otherwise, wouldn't they have listed more targets?
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This is a little unsettling.
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@rocketbomber: Five...or less.
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Rofl, what most don't realize is even though North Korea have nukes now, they have no way of getting them to a target.  They don't have a nuke capable of being launched yet.  And any aircraft N. Korea might have would be shot out of the sky immediately.  I think the issue N. Korea's neighbors have is the North's conventional army.  It's one of the largest in the world, and would swarm over the South's border (and possibly other country's as well).  Plus China and Russia don't want a war in N. Korea since the N. Korean people wouldn't be kept from crossing the borders anymore, flooding China, and possibly Russia with refugees.  This would destabilize the whole region.  Wiping N. Korea out would only happen if they struck first, since that's the only way China and Russia would agree to help.  Though I really would like to kick Kim in the teeth...

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It's time for those japanese to invent a sniper satellite. The second Kim steps outside... *bang*
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lolwut said:
North Korea is so moe.
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I must stop this!
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Axersia said:
lolwut said: North Korea is so moe. [more]
If only they can all get along and do a Yuri, such Tsundere's
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@lolwut: that is way too cute!
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GodLen said:
@lolwut: that is way too cute!
Ha ha, oh wow, now that's an attitude I appreciate.
 Very nice.
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lolwut said:
Suddenly I'm very interested in politics.
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Well, if they were to fire their arsenal I see three possible scenarios happening (assuming they -- and they likely do -- have nuclear weapons):

1) N. Korea fires a small group of missiles (1 to 4) aimed at Japan and/or other countries. Patriot Missile defense systems end up shooting down at least half of them, possibly all of them. In the event one does make landfall, pressure from the UN and public opinion ends up with the total bombing the crap out of North Korea with only tactical level forces (meaning non-nuclear). (Normal Crappy End)

2) same as first except with the unlikely possibility (given our nutjob president) that our president decides to take quicker action, and upon hearing of the missile takeoffs in North Korea proposes a counter threat with a full nuclear strike by deploying long range B2s and carrier escort fleets near the Aleutian trench if they do not abort the missiles before they make landfall. This of course most likely ends with N.Korea either pissing it's pants and aborting it, or them (idiotically) calling a bluff and getting nuked the fuck back to the age of protozoans. Eco nutjobs condemn the president for harming the environment, whereas Texans and normal headed Americans decide to do what they should have done years ago and shoot them all in the face, eliminating the global warming scam and N.Korea at the same time. (Best End)

3) N.Korea fires their entire arsenal of nukes all at once (though maybe a small number are kept as an after-deterrant), making it virtually impossible to shoot them all down via Patriot systems and the newly developed anti-ICBM Aegis based systems. Japan gets creamed. Initial reaction ends up with N.Korea getting fdisked politically, but due to keeping some nuclear weapons that they openly display, no real action is initially taken. The media does the usual skewing facts bs and (most likely since they're a bunch of turds) tries to play the attack on Japan off as a small thing, though luckily some good smart people have their heads on right. I get fucking pissed and kick my plans into overdrive. Development may actually speed up due to like-minded individuals getting PO'ed as well at the events, and join the team. On the 5th Anniversary of the nuclear attack, Mobile Suits with no country affiliation cross the 38th parallel on a direct course to Pyongyang. S*** gets f***ed up, and historians in times after will remark the famous phrase "죽다!" (Die) as being spraypainted on the right shoulder of each suit. In the aftermath, the lands of former North Korea are then gifted to the Japanese as a reconciliatory gift. South Korea argues that it should go to them and attempts to forcefully advance their borders, but they are quickly beaten back down to the 34th meridian, where the new border is formed.  (Really Bad but some reconciliation End)
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My oppinion is and has been for years that it's better to take out N. Korea before their nukes are ready. The people are so misarable anyway and would die of hunger if it wasn't for international help. It will be hard and people will suffer, but it's like cancer that has to be removed. As it is now we are only prolonging the suffering of the North Korean people. Cannot happen without the blessing of China though.
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