'North Korea Kidnapped' Daughter Still Alive?

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I've mentioned before the manga North Korea Kidnapped My Daughter, an amazing true story about a mother whose 13-year-old daughter who disappeared, only to have her name appear again twenty years later-- as someone North Korea admitted to having kidnapped, but was claimed dead when other abductees were later returned. The manga was published in English by Vertical earlier this year.

Now a former North Korean agent claims that although the daughter, Megumi Yokota, had been admitted to a hospital due to her mental state, that her condition was “not that severe” and that he thinks she's probably not dead.

The agent, Kim Hyon Hui, said this while meeting with the family of another abductee, Yaeko Taguchi, who Kim also believes is alive-- and who may have taught Kim Japanese in the first place. Here's hoping that the abductees are able to return home someday.

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Wow that is so sad.  I imagine North Korea to be very Orwellian ( 1984 ) and perhaps nightmare dream like.  I picture the government just screwing with people's minds for no reason over simple stuff, just to see what they can get away with.  Like perhaps making it snow in summer and be sunny in winter, utilizing expensive technology... for no other reason then to experiment on people.
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Sometimes I think that maybe we should have just let McArthur have his way.
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