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Topic started by kopavi on April 22, 2012. Last post by ImmortalSaiyan 2 years, 9 months ago.
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Greetings! I was cruising netflix, stumbled across the Mushi Shi series and was delightfully lost for the time it took to watch the whole series twice and buy the movie DVD. I googled "mushi" and found this site. I have a few questions. I did find a Mushi forum, but that looks pretty quiet. Please bear with me, I have several questions about the Mushi genre and anime in general.


Is there a forum or group where Mushi are currently discussed? Did I miss something?

I read somewhere that were were two series and a movie. I found the first series -- 26 episodes -- and the movie. Is there really a second series? Where/how does one learn about and watch the second series?

General anime

One of the first things that really caught my attention with Mushi Shi is the art work, captivating. I then got drawn into the story line, non violent, cerebral, dealing with unknowns. Are there any other anime series or movies of a similar character. I've explored netflix a bit for anime and found several that were sorta interesting. I mostly find violence, often to an extreme, which I don't need living in the modern world and seeing all that goes on. I find sex which by many measures can be entertaining, but some of the creatures involved are off-putting. :-).

Any comments, guidance or other help is most appreciated.


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Here is an unofficial list of all anime available online for free legally, the poster tries to keep it up to date.

I don't have netflix so I don't know what anime they have.

I have not watched Mushishi, but off the top of my head I can recommend Steins;gate and Time of Eve. However I don't think either of them are available for free (legally) online anymore..

Consider watching something that is currently airing. The spring season of anime has just starting, and it's always exciting to see an anime as it's airing before everyone decides to form an opinion about it. Of the one's that I am watching, I would recommend Kids On The Slope. Not really related to Mushishi, but I think it's looking to be one of the best anime this year. It's available on crunchyroll.

Prepare to be bombarded with anime suggestions, but in the end just watch what you like dude. :)

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Still not got around to watching this, but I don't know anything about a second series. my Anime list is a good site to look for quick info on a specific series.

If you post on a series' forum it'll still appear on the main forum page which shows the latest activity, so you can create individual topics and people will still be able to see them easily.

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Anime comes down to searching. You can have suggestions given to you but it comes down to you actually finding everything you have an interest in.

I watch a great variety of shows so all I can really do is suggest checking out the Beginner's Guide articles on here and my Dunce Cap blogs (where I review various anime and manga).

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Is there a forum or group where Mushi are currently discussed? Did I miss something?

I had the same problem with my favorite anime's forum pages are quiet or empty. I just start up topic just to break the ice.

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I got about half way though Mushishi and just stopped. I am not sure why, it's unique and really good. If your into Mushishi I would highly recommend Kino's Journey.

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