New guy...well I am just being more active now!

Topic started by ComradeCrash on Jan. 7, 2009. Last post by RedRoses 6 years ago.
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Well the main reason I joined Anime Vice was because 1: the Giantbomb dudes said so and 2: I like anime.  I was going to just post here and there and spend a little time checking the main page.  That changed however and I decided to help out and post updates to pages and do reviews (even though I dislike writing :P ).

Oh, by the every new site I join, at one point or another I have to comment on my name and pictures.  I like the hammer and sickle, I am not a Communist!  Many people sadly don't know world history so most times it goes unnoticed but to the few who were wondering. So as you can tell, I add the hammer and sickle to my pictures.  I also like to draw.

A little about me (dealing with anime): I am a weird case (I believe so).  I am a guy so I of course like me some Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece.  But I also like stuff like Fruits Basket, School Rumble, and Tweeny Witches.  I guess I tend to love action and a love story. I also love Lucky Star and Shin Chan. (o-O) Like I said earlier, I am a member over at Anime Vice's sister (or brother since its just dudes over there) site, Giantbomb.  I am a gamer; live, breath, and video games!

So yeah...that's all I can say about myself.
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Welcome to Animevice. I too am a disciple of the church of giant bomb. like you i spend every available minute playing videogames or watching anime
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Welcome my fellow Giant bomb user.
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Welcome ^^
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YAY!! Welcome to the Vice!!
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Welcome to Vice ^^
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Welcome to your new home.
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Heya and welcome to the Vice :) Enjoy your stay.

I should get an account on GB but I don't really discuss videogames that much with others on forums. I'm more likely to talk about anime.
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