Naruto - New chapter done reading in 3 min :-(

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Man, it's painful, I just finished reading the latest chapter (585)... I WANT MORE! So guys, what did you think of this one, I smell the end soon, though I don't think it's a bad thing

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I enjoyed it, although it was said to see Orochimaru get one hit KO'd yet again. The writer loves playing him like a clown for some reason. I doubt Itachi is done with. I'd love that to be the case since I've hated his character for a while now and I love Kabuto, but that's how these things usually go. I think his eyes went black because that's the side effect of using the jutsu he mentioned. I will be interested to see how Edo bodies handle this. They auto-heal from every other injury and I've long wondered if being an Edo meant that a Sharringan user could use techniques like Inazagi all day long since as soon as their eye went blind, their body should repair itself.

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Hmm yeah, I doubt Itachi is dead as well.. He could have used is Sharrigan, a clone or will just straight up heal cause he got brought up by the resurrection technic. One thing I don't understand though, how come he still have his eyes since Sasuke took them? Does that matters or does the body return to a "previous" state when it get brought up back to life. Regardless, I like Itachi a lot now, especially after his second talk with Naruto. Sasuke is not strong mentally compare to his brother, though I guess I would get pretty traumatized if the same things that he went through happened to me.

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Yeah, Itachi should be fine. As long as he is an Edo, he can take physical attacks all day and night. But wow, Kabuto is really pulling out everything. He's like a perfected Orochimaru. But it goes to show that Orochimaru wouldn't have needed the sharingan to be über powerful. His subordinate who merely mastered the the same techniques Orochimaru knew to a greater extent, is manhandling the two guys that he most desired to steal power from, and at the same time. If he had just enhanced what he did know, he would be as strong as Kabuto.
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Kabuto is really an interesting character I must say, finding his own way in life brought the "better out of him". He was able to redirect the war into his favour and that in itself is something. There's a good chance that he get defeated there, but he could be the second "main villain" of the story. That would add a nice twist in the story.

Could a mod add "spoiler" into the title, I can't seem to be able to edit it myself, thanks.

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