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Time skips are a pretty common element in anime, so i am by no means saying that only these series are involved with using them in their plots. These four are simply the most popular series to use time skips so it makes sense that i look at them specifically. The question is which had the better time skip. I might as well say it right now that my answer to the question is Naruto and fairy tail.

The purpose of time skips is to change things up a bit. Maybe a story has reached the end of its road as far as current events are concerned, or maybe all the mystery has been squeezed out and the author feels it necessary to inject fresh life into it; or maybe it is a matter of changing the characters and adding some further development that wouldn’t be possible in the current timeline; either way time skips will bring about the change of that era in anime or manga and start a new one, so it is almost like the anime is starting anew.

In considering which anime executed the time skip best, it is a simple matter of looking at pre-time skip, post time skip and how much impact and influence the time skip had on the overall story line, not far down the line but in the immediate future, usually the first arc after.

Pre-Time skip:> All four had pretty epic finales to the first parts of their stories. Naruto saw Naruto and sasuke finally face off, Sasuke came int

o his own as he mastered sharingan and his cursed seal transformation, naruto finally showed sasuke what he could do and Orochumaru finally made his second move. Bleach saw Aizen’s fall and Ichigo

reach his peak, power wise. One piece caused events to enter the new world and brought about a change in the era of piracy while seeing the demise of several characters. Fairy tail delved deeper into the fairy tail guild with the S-Class test, the introduction of the passed fairy tail masters, the three holy fairy tail magics and final showdown between fairy tail and the dark alliance’s strongest guild, Grimoire Heart. Hades, the strongest villain to date made his appearance and we finally saw some dragon, with Archnologia bringing the first part of fairy tail to a close in a most spectacular manner.

Of all the four, Bleach had the weakest ending. You would think that seeing Ichigo achieve final Gentsuga tensou and unleash Mugetsu, Seeing Aizen activate the Hougyoku, Ishhin’s appearance, Urahara’s fight and everything else that happened would have a spine tingling effect; and it would have, if all that had happened nearly 110-150 episodes ago or 50-100 chapters in the past. By the time these events happened we were all pretty much tired of this arc and Aizen; so a lot of excitement was over shadowed by relief that he was finally gone. Kubo dragged events out too long, to the point that everything that happened at the end just couldn’t muster the impact and epicenes it should have had. Even the revelation of Gin’s true intentions didn’t matter as much as they should have and i will admit that i didn’t care much for his death. Bleach messed up here and only a few moments, like Yamamoto’s fight and Ichigo Vs. Uluqiora saved this arc.

One piece had the strongest ending. technically the first part closes with the Marine ford arc but i would say that it stretches back a far as sabody Archipelago. That is where the gears first began turning in moving one piece towards this awesome end. I re-entered one piece and began the Sarbody Archipelago arc after marine ford was over (or nearly over) so i had the privilege of watching it all at once, over a period of a few weeks. There were way too many moments here for me to zero in one just one thing that made it so epic. The straw hat’s defeat was spectacular and logical and you could really believe that they were

completely overwhelmed.

The appearance of the white beard pirates was everything i expected it to be; there were so many characters at play with so many different powers and stories and intentions, both on the pirates side and the marine side. It felt like the whole world had come to Marine Ford. Of course White beard and Ace ( and Baggy whether you like it or not) stole the show.

Any Naruto fan can remember that final arc and knows why it was so epic. Many would point to the sasuke naruto battle being the pinnacle of the arc, but i would point to the Konoha 11 battles. They proved themselves to be more than genin.

Fairy tail changed things around and for once focused on the guild and its battle against a powerful enemy, unlike the norm where Natsu and crew go off to have an adventure. It was hilarious, especially the scenes with that big guy with the voodoo dolls; we saw god slaying magic for the first time, Cana of all people got some actual character development, Hades was every bit the monster a master should be and of course Achnologia blew me away as a fairy tail fan. I actually didn’t see the fairy tail time skip coming, which made it all the more epic. It caught me off guard.

Post-Skip:> I am not a fan of how One piece and Bleach executed the events following the time skip. it was cool to see the straw hats reunite. The idea of a shonen post time sk

ip arc is usually to show off how powerful the characters have become. The idea is to show case strong enemies that the heroes are now able to annihilate with their new powers that they couldn’t defeat before. The fish man island arc was terrible

for a post time skip arc. I might have accepted it before the time skip but not after. I could waste time mentioning so many things that were so wrong with it, but i will keep it short. The enemies were simply not worth the time. Not Luffy, not Zoro, but Ussop and Fanky could have wrapped up that entire affair by themselves. What is the point of a threat that event the weakest members of the team like Nami and Chopper could have eliminated.

It seemed like a waste, the amount of time spent simply keeping these characters busy running around because it was obvious that if they met the villains, the villains would be instantly defeated. So much of what happened here was unnecessary.

Bleach is no different; the full bring arc was crap. Again the villains were simply ridiculously weak, and what makes me hate that is the fact that they were so ridiculously hyped yet when it came for them to deliver, they fell flat on their stomachs. Even Ginju (if that is his name), after al the hullabaloo of going bankai, couldn’t touch Ichigo. It was obvious that the idea was to show just how much stronger the characters had become, but Kubo failed that when he made the villains so weak. Seriously, none of the shiningami had to do anything new to beat the enemy and i had been looking forward to seeing how strong Rukia had become with her promotion. But of course Kubo chose to put her in a stupid situation with bears and toys. Kubo could have found an easier way of giving Ichigo back his powers. What irritates me the most is how cool some of the designs he created where, especially Ginjo’s bankai and how wasted they all were. Fairy tail is still going strong in its first post time skip arc and, even with some of the glitches of the Daimatou enbu, it is setting up to be fairy tail’s best arc ever. We saw all out brawls between fairy,

every other guild they ever introduced and a whole new set of mages and magics, all determined to contend for the big prize. Beyond that is the absolutely thrilling mystery that has been written into the overall plot by Hiro, who is proving to be a master at deception and misdirection. With the introduction of Eclipse, the royal family of Fiore, powerful mages like Kagura (maybe my favorite outside Erza), Minerva, raven tail, Eclipse, possibly zeref and the dragons, this arc has more than tripled the quality of the previous S-Class arc.

Clearly fairy tail isn’t a better series than the other three. But in considering the arcs before and after a time skip, fairy tail is miles ahead of one piece and bleach.

Naruto stands only a little higher than fairy tail, if not at the same level. The saving Gaara arc was actually exciting to watch, at least much more than fish man island or full bring and did quite a lot in finally introducing the Akatsuki to us, Gaara Vs. Deidara, Sakura Vs Sasori and a host of other events. We entered into a new place in the story and there was a freshness to the arc, like the series was starting a new. Here Naruto stands above one piece, bleach and even fairy tail; there are blunders made by Hiro that i simply cannot ignore.

Time skip impact:> It would be easy to say that Naruto can’t be considered to have had the most impact because it had its time skip ages ago and thus had more than enough time to

build upon its story while beach and one piece and even fairy tail are all fairly recent. But that would be false reasoning as i am not talking about ov

erall progress that has occurred in the story since the time skip but immediately after, in the first arc. In Naruto we finally got to see Sakura in action against Sasori. Sure she couldn’t have beaten Sasori on her own but neither would Chiyo have achieved victory without her; either way she faced an Akatsuki and won, in her one and only moment to shine in the series. We saw Gaara’s rise, how he had achieved the title of kazekage and gained the hearts of his people, clearly a result of what Naruto did to him. He showed himself a totally new individual, both i spirit and in power. That fight with Deidara was incredible. It had me on the edge of my seat, not really knowing who had the upper hand at any one point in time.

Naruto did a lot in that first arc and showed that the entire series had in a way changed, and taken on a darker more serous tone. This was new Naruto.

Bleach, there is really nothing to say about it. The exact same characters before the time skip were the exact same characters presented after. Nothing changed, besides making Ichigo a little more whiny. The time skip, as far as i am concerned, had absolutely no impact on the story. If Naruto impact had the greatest impact, then bleach had the least, or rather no impact at all. It was a waste and truth be told absolutely unnecessary. The story could have done without it.

Fairy tail sits in the middle in that the main characters didn’t actually undergo a time skip; the world did, which makes the time skip here unique. The characters were all the same but everyone they knew and everything had changed. So basically the time skip impacted everything there was to impact in fairy tail, which would make it superior even to Naruto if not for the hiccups in this present arc.

The primary characters in fairy tail had more of a struggle because the world had changed around them and even the weakest of mages that they knew had become a threat; and thus they had to find a way of making up for lost time in as short a period as possible. Many people disagreed with the second origin plot, that it was power too easily acquired and given away, that fairy tai didn't have to work for it and thus it invalidates any development they might show. That was true when second origin was first introduced but not now; because the second origin power up hasn’t been used by anyone except Erza and even she didn’t need to use it until the very last battle. IN other words during the time skip the fairy tail mages weren’t left behind, it was every one else that finally caught up to them and their power, otherwise a daimatou Enbu seven years ago would have been pointless; fairy tail would have won it without trying.

This time skip was necessary whe you consider that fact, because none of this competition to fairy tail’s might would have been possible before; Hiro found away of making a lot of strong enemies available in a short time. it was clever and well done as it forced event the likes of Natsu to (some what) grow and learn to overcome the new foes.

One piece falls in line with bleach. We saw very little impact of the time skip in the fish man story. Sure they were stronger and you could see that, but the enemy was simply too weak for it to matter. It wasn’t the best foot first into the new world. I am not afraid to admit that fish man island bored the heck out of me.

Overall i believe Naruo had the best time skip and made best use of it in the short time, followed by fairy tail. As some might point out, One piece is still developing and bleach, well, like is said, bleach didn’t need the time skip and even with the interesting events of the thousand war arc, the time skip doesn’t play a role.

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This is probably the most in-depth take on Time Skip on four Shonen series. The community had tons of these threads, but most of them focus on one anime series. Though, there was Sreenivas' question on Time Skip.

I haven't watch most of One Piece or Bleach. In fact, I started jumping on the One Piece band wagon in summer of 2012 with the manga and stopped at Skypiea. I jumped in the anime and skipped ahead to Amazon Lily arc. I shouldn't have done that. I got so lost. I took a break on Bleach after Ichigo defeated Aizen. For One Piece, they stretch it out their episodes. It is still entertaining enough for me to fill Fairy Tail's void. I still need to catch up to support the front news articles on One Piece anime.

For this topic, I can't comment on One Piece or Bleach. I would say Naruto had the best time skip in comparison to Fairy Tail. Naruto's characters and story telling is superb than Fairy Tail due to Naruto not holding back on deaths and putting on trials that pushed characters to their limits. Fairy Tail's hardships on Natsu and the others are a bit shallow because only their strengths changed while their character remain the same for both the guild and those have aged. While Naruto is a not bratty child and becomes a hero, Natsu remains the same. Naruto Shippuden pretty builds up from their time arc (about 300 episodes or more) while Fairy Tail has it late in the series where it hasn't blossom enough (about 30 episodes or so). Naruto Shippuden has more material and expanded on its characters. Despite that Fairy Tail has a large roster, it spotlights a few in a short amount of material.

You should check out 's One Piece Time Skip Results and BLEACH: The Anime Has Gone Time Skipping.

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Yeah that's a common thing. Folks get to Skypeia and skip. Mostly due to friend's advice because a lot of people consider it one of the lesser long arcs. It's a mistake. You miss the introduction of haki, you miss one of the strongest villains past or present, and you miss heavy foreshadowing. If you skipped all the way to AL, you miss Ace's capture, Luffy vs a Shichibukai, the introduction of another Shichibukai, the joining of 2 main characters to the crew, the "death" of one ship and the "birth" of their new one, the introduction of 2 of the Admirals, the Pacifista and Luffy's Future Tutor, and much more. It would kinda be like skipping the whole arrancar arc from Bleach. I hope the story wasn't ruined for you. As for the time skips, I think one Piece had the best, even though I think both One Piece and Bleach had the weakest arcs in their series respectively entering the time skip (possibly excluding Davy Back fight arc).
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To me the One Piece time skip showed the most improvement in characters, especially main characters. In Bleach..Ichigo really didn't change that much, In Naruto I think he learned ONE new technique (Giant Rasengan) and got a new wardrobe, but Luffy came out like a boss with haki, improved gears and new attacks. I don't watch/read Fairy Tail, so I can't comment on that.

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Bleach would probably be the worst, almost by default. Nothing really happens. People say they make progress but they still have all the same abilities and hangups as they did in the past. The only thing different is that time was literally skipped.

Hmm, I said by default but I going to strike that. If Fairy Tail did the usual thing of just copying One Piece as much as legally possible, they win worst by default over Bleach.

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@sickVisionz: how did fairy tail copy one piece in its time skip?

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sickVisionz and a few others have a bad history with Fairy Tail. There is lot of things that Fairy Tail has copied from One Piece. I can't remember the exact thread, but this one that I prefer One Piece over Fairy Tail by shed some light on the similarities and differences between the two franchises.

Example for the hell of it: Look at Shanks and Gildartz. They look pretty similar. Though, (this is off-topic). There is a manga series that ripped off Fairy Tail, Buster Keel!. Check out my Fairy Tail and Buster Keel Similarities and Differences thread.

Since dropped Fairy Tail before time skip, he can't answer your question. Look at his list "Every Anime I've Seen and Dropped" if you don't believe me. I don't think there are much similarities between Fairy Tail and One Piece's Time Skips. Like you mentioned in your blog, Luffy and the gang are damn strong and beat their foes easily. In Fairy Tail's case, they cheat the training part (only for Natsu's group) and head into the tournament.


I don't know where to start on One Piece anime. I was debating to watch it from the beginning or start at Skypiea. I just got impatient with how many episodes it had, over 500 episodes. Daniel and Geo told me to take it slow and enjoy the series since they know I'm a big Shonen fan. I believe One Piece fills the void Fairy Tail left in my weekly consumption of anime. I won't watch Bleach after Aizen's defeat. There's nothing to compell me to continue watching Bleach. I might drop Bleach, manga and anime. It's like Legend of Korra, you killed the major antagonist. What's the point of fighting? Though, Amon was more interesting than Aizen.

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Online Now

one piece by far

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@takashichea: If you are watching the one piece anime rather than reading the manga, then skipping shouldn't be a problem. this is an anime we are talking about, which means they drag things out a lot. first they spend ten minutes at the start of each episode on the theme song and loooong previews of the previous episodes. then they don't just mention previous events, most times they will show you entire five minute flash backs of what happened several hundred episodes ago. if you are interested in getting the full one piece experience, then don't skip. but if you are worried about keeping up with the world of one piece, you will eventually know everything that happened. i managed to get through one piece from ep 1 all the way to thriller bark. I nearly gave up at the ussop arc because of this awful cat like villain, forged through till skypiea which was too long that i nearly gave up on it. fortunately for me i was missing several dozen episodes from the middle of the arc to the last battle. either way i quite one piece ten episodes into the thriller bark arc, which i actually thought was filler. I took it up again on ep 400, in the middle of sabody archipelago. so i basically haven't watched around 200 one piece episodes but i am up to date on what happened right now. I convinced my brother to give it a shot and he began at ep 400 as well and he is a one piece fan now and he also understands the one piece world without having watched what came before.

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@takashichea: I have never jumped on board with korra the way i did with last air bender. it is missing something, i am not sure what, that makes it so much less...excitement. last air bender could compete for my attention with actual anime that i really loved. korra is simply a good cartoon

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Id have to say that One Piece and Naruto had the best timeskips. Looking at it from a literal view, Bleach's timeskip was piss poor in comparison to the others. Ichigo loses his shinigami powers and does meaningless fullbring training. IMO, just that was enough to ruin the story of Bleach. Fairy Tail......I cant really say much. I stopped reading after they first introduced Zeref. But Naruto, that's a different monster. Naruto's timeskip played itself out very well. The deaths of some of the more important supporting characters + the constant threats posed toward Naruto makes the timeskip work. Naruto's timeskip worked because it kept the readers involved and interested. Now One Piece. The best damn timeskip ever. Luffy got smashed at the BoM, lost his big bro, and pretty much accomplised nothing in that arc. But the undeniable fact is that, after his defeat, he takes time to train and becomes a monster. He pretty much masters haki, increases his previous abilities, plus his crew has done the same, which means the trio, (Zoro, Luffy, Sanji) wont have to protect everyone else now. Plus, the timeskip in One Piece provides a much more enjoyable story now that they reached the New World and have new challenges to face (Hordy was garbage. Even usopp can dish out now.)

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@ChromeDisaster: The reason i am not a fan of the one piece time skip is because of fish man island. what came immediately after in naruto can't compare to what came after in one piece. in naruto events were immediately interesting. in one piece it take some time,

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@katmic: Your absolutely right. They shouldn't have even added that pathetic arc. They just needed some way to actually enforce the idea of the legendary weapons again. But the Punk Hazard Arc.......

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I do not gree with this at all a time skip is supposed to develop the characters and to dd new elements and onepiece did this the best. In naruto even after two years he had to waste time training more because he learned nothing. Where as the straw hats found a great power increase as did pretty much all the one piece characters. The only naruto character that got a surprising power up was Sakura and she never got to use it
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Black Star's time skip was the best.

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I think fairy tail had the best time skip right after archenologia 7 years and they got stronger too. but sad they stopped the anime all of sudden if you talk about time skip then dragonball z had the most time skips in history!

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@takashichea: Isn't Buster Keel by the same creator of Fairy Tail?

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No, it's created by Kenshiro Sakamoto. Plus, the art style between Fairy Tail and Buster Keel is distinctly different.

Check the Fairy Tail and Buster Keel Similarities and Differences thread. It does point out a lot of stuff.

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Definitely not Bleach. Basically nothing worth mentioning happened over the time skip.

I'm partial to Naruto vs Naruto Shippuden. They are like two different series that happen to have the same characters. It got a lot darker and somewhat more mature to match the characters all getting older and somewhat more mature. Naruto was a pretty good blend of action, comedy, and some drama. Shippuden is usually just action and drama and that's when it hits it peaks for my tastes. Mainly because their attempts at comedy are pretty crap so I like when they don't even attempt it.

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