Name your favourite Anime or Manga character.

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Favorite manga characters

  1. Kenpachi Zaraki
  2. Black Star
  3. Yoshimori Sumimura
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Mine are:

1.Kenpachi Zaraki the anime version of chuck norris

2.Alucard gotta love the old vampire from hellsing

3.Aizen after all it is just as he planned

4.Itachi uchiha love his personality

5.Black star after all he will surpass god

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Guts. I love how his personality continues to twist and turn during the series. I have read few characters in the manga/anime world with such character depth.

If I were to name one on the villain side... it'd have to be Kotomine Kirei. It is hard to explain without going into any spoilers, so I will just put him up here.

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there are alot of characters that I like so yeah hard to pick some in a list

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Akira Kongou Full Profile
Akira Kongou Full Profile

Akira Kongou, from Kongou Banchou:

He's brave, kind, intelligent, strong, and larger than the manga, and you'll find that joke funny, I promise, lol. But jokes aside, while Akira may be a generic shonen hero in many ways, he's also very unique. Unlike many shonen protagonists, he's not perverted, immature, dull witted, or an outcast. He never even plays the role of a youth learning a life lesson, instead being the one who gives the life lessons. He's just a complete badass, through and through.

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Ball from 666 Satan. Soo much development from the start. And his style is pretty cool IMO. He's the kind of character I've wanted to see but never have until I read 666 Satan.
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Ball is basically Usopp without the cowardice, or in other words, the man Usopp is trying to be.
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Cant decide so I merely put all of my favorites!!!! (not in order)

Ichigo Kurosaki

Rukia Kuchiki

Aizen Sosouke (he planned for this post!!)



Yusei Fudo

Kakashi Hatake

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Accelerator,Haru Glory,Ayumu Aikawa,Touma Kamijou,Kurumi Tokisaki,and others

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Misogi Kumagawa

Glug Glug
Glug Glug
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