Mystic Broly???

Topic started by Ikki_Minami_ on May 6, 2013. Last post by DBZ_universe 1 year, 10 months ago.
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So I had a idea what if Broly became Mystic through the same means as Gohan how strong would broly be?

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The body is something out the imagination of Rob Liefeld.

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The Mystic ability is just the old Kai releasing hidden potential (latent powers) of whoever he dances around for in a circle for a few hours (I doubt Broly could restrain himself that long), Broly is probably at is maximum or at least near it, so I don't think he would get much stronger.

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Broly's powerlevel increases constantly even without the elderly kais help. Having him sit for a day or so and amplifying his power at a greater degree than normal is just asking to have your universe destroyed.

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Broly will never be able to stand around to become a Mystic in the first place.

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Broly can't get the boost because his power is constantly growing, so his potential is possibly bottomless.
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Broly's power is Maximum and keeps growing.

Also he would have to stay still for 2+ years for his potential to be released lol.

I doubt the old Kai would want to dance and try to unlock Broly's power for years and Broly wouldn't stay still for even 3 minutes let alone years.

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