My One Piece sonnet

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ok so i had to do a shakespearean sonnet for my college english class so what better muse for inspiration than one piece. hope all you fellow one piece fans enjoy!

"An Ode to One Piece" (The One Piece inspired Shakespearean sonnet)

There was a man known as Monkey D. Luffy.

He dreamed a dream to be the Pirate King.

Was brave, determined and also goofy.

The famed "One Piece" treasure he was seeking.

His life mirrored the face of the blue sea.

The waves were rough or calm as the today.

On board his ship was where he would be free.

The obstacles never got in his way.

His pride was in the form of a straw hat,

given by the man who began his dream.

Evil Marines who he goes and combat,

setting course along with his fearless team.

The people who he meets become his friend.

They follow their dreams to the very end.

(to be constituted as a sonnet you must a specific rhyming pattern but more importantly a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables so with the exception of the first line, all the other lines can be seen as the follow:

he DREAMED a DREAM to BE the PI rate KING

his PRIDE was IN the FORM of A straw HAT…

the capitalized representing the stressed syllable so yea)

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Not a big fan of OP, although is good, some rhymes are a bit failed, btw you gave an idea for a thread, so sorry if I copy

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