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Topic started by Hailinel on March 15, 2012. Last post by Bigheart711 3 years ago.
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So a rather large, ferocious cat was let out of the bag today when the announcement was made that Whiskey Media has been sold and that Anime Vice, Tested, and Screened will all be moving together to new ownership. The future of Tested is certain and the most positive; I wish Norm and Will well. The future of Screened is still up in the air as far as I can tell, and I hope that Matt is able to land on his feet, whether that be at a revamped Screened or elsewhere.

And then, there's Anime Vice. I have not been the most frequent visitor or contributor to this website, despite my intentions. I'm a Giant Bomb guy first and foremost, and the other Whiskey sites have always come second. That being said, I appreciate the work that Tom and the volunteer corps of users have done to provide Anime Vice with any sort of meaningful content in the wake of the site not having any permanent editorial staff of its own. I know that there's a good community here, even if the communities at other Whiskey sites like to belittle you guys for your penchant for RP threads.

With that in mind, I hope and wish that this site isn't summarily discarded once the change of ownership is complete. I'd love to see Anime Vice thrive with a proper editorial staff and an expanded range of content, whether that be convention coverage, other cultural interests like J-Pop, or fashions, or an expanded focus on live action films. It would just be a shame to see this site die, particularly after all of the contributions that the community has made to it, from editorial articles to the wiki. Maybe that's an unrealistic wish to make at this point, but redheaded stepchild or not, Anime Vice is a part of the Whiskey family that I've visited on an almost daily basis since Giant Bomb was founded back in 2008.

I hope that this site and community remains together once the dust has settled. My words might not mean much in the long run, but I thought I should just put them out there.

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Nice post.

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Yeah, I was never active on AnimeVice because my knowledge of anime is limited in comparison to video games. However, I did enjoy checking out Gia and John's videos back when they were on the staff.

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@Hailinel: This is probably the best post I've seen so far about this, nicely put. Let's stay positive and hope this turns out to be a good thing, it could go either way.

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I really hope this site grows as well. I'm not going to lie here, once John and Gia left, I felt this site kinda declined. I really hope the new owners of this site will make it grow and make it become a fantastic anime site.

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The lack of formal staff has definitely led to the Vice having a smaller and slower rate compared to the other Whiskey Media sites. I feel we should use the sale as motivation to help add to the wikis and the Vice community as much as possible. I truly believe that Animevice has the most potential and possibilities out of any of the Whiskey Media sites.

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I have to admit that the lack of regular discussion on anime here on Vice has been driving me to become less active as of late as I've been getting more active within Anime News Network's forums. While ANN is regularly committed to covering the latest news trends concerning the world of anime and manga at large with plenty of discussion on relevant topics, news and reviews, Vice doesn't seem as lively nowadays with little staff and not much news coverage on major issues or reviews on the latest anime releases that came here in the states. I don't mean to be a prick, but I've been a fan of anime for over 10 years now and I would like to know more in anime/ manga than just knowing about ongoing plot developments within popular shounen manga titles. I'm not saying I want completely formal discussions as how ANN has their forums structured, but something that is both fun and allowing you to learn new bits of info about anime like how Gia and John Martone arranged things back when they were still staff members here on Vice. It was their work that led me to land here in the first place.
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i really hope AV grows... this is my favorite site on the web... and also Ive notice that it has become less active..but I like your post alot.

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I'm withholding my thoughts until news actually comes up on what will happen to this site. I hope for positive things and also want the site to grow with more material and activity. And if more Staff will be added and are wanted from the current community then I will put my name up for consideration. Yes, I have not been very active recently due to working 6 days a week but if I can be a Staff member and have requirements to meet that I get paid for then I will get back to being dedicated and work a little less at my current job. If Staff will only be considered if they are on-site then I would consider that, too, depending on the details.

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Would like to see AV grow into something bigger and better. It should stop being limited by the 'Anime' part of the name and add in some more stuff, like mentioned - for example, at the moment I don't have a site I frequent where Jdrama is discussed at any length. I wouldn't mind getting suggestions related to Jpop/rock from articles or etc. - I rarely go looking for music or bother trying to find out who did the OP/ED of an anime, so I'm sort of dependent on other people for new music. And having more extensive anime/manga coverage would be great. Thanks to Tom we've had some interesting anime series being showcased here, but as far as manga goes, it has been mostly the mainstream stuff.

Let's hope they try to make AV into something more, instead of scrapping it.

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Good post the fat lady is not singing yet.
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I can't say that I'm not worried, but I have hopes that this site will remain intact and flourish under new management. Since I asked my question yesterday, it seems that despite its small size, AV is one of the better anime forum communities. One place where everything can be discussed without personal hostilities. It would be sad if the new owners were to purposely remove that connection. I'm not against change, but since we've not heard anything about the intended future of this site or Screened, my imagination wanders into dreary places. Hopefully, my anxieties are all for naught.

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@PenguinDust: I do love the community here, always have. Just keep hoping for the best.
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Agree with pretty much everything else said here. I haven't had an anime site/forum to frequent for a while now and I was a little disappointed when I found that the most activity here came from RP threads and character match-ups, neither of which I'm interested in. Hopefully, the sale means staff can be brought in and the purview of the site can expand to reach a broader audience. I will be optimistically watching this space.

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Can't do nothing more but wait. @Hailinel: Really nice post.

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If you folks want some newish "content" I've got this capsule preview blog here for the upcoming season. Ain't much, but it's a start. I'll probably add a few pictures to make it prettier and more readable soon.

Shameless self-promo over. On topic, one of my hopes is that there is a paid staffer or two they assign to write articles or otherwise provide some content for the site and that they don't just completely deep-six the wiki. Complaints about RP/Battle boards aside, there were some interesting folks on the forums, from the crew that poured their heart into some of the popular franchise wikis to ZombiePie's occasional drunken rambling. I do hope that AV survives in some fashion.

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I'm a proud member and wiki editor of Anime Vice and Giant Bomb. I'm concerned about the fate of the site, and I'll keep working on the wiki projects and weekly reports for my teammates.

I also wish people stop bashing or looking down on the RPG and battle fans and threads of Anime Vice. Even though the forum activity is slow and full of the RPG element, there are discussions on anime. Some of us work hard and take initiative to discuss anime that we love. It's just that these individuals and their works don't get much feedback. It discourages people from making new blogs or discussion because no one comments. My teammates, the mods, our friends, and I contribute to the discussion, take the initiative, do wiki work, and post news if we can. We have to make do what we have right now.

After all, Ethan stated that this is community driven site.

As for wiki, this community has a strong activity in that field. The old wiki editors are helping the new wiki editors learning the rope. Check out the community spotlights from time to time. You'll see how busy we are in the wiki pages. For the bigger picture, check out the wiki editors 2011 archive to see all the past wiki projects worked on. I worked hard to document the work that wiki editors have been doing.

Go Anime Vice! This community is not going down. We done so much work and got this far.


Awesome post, man. Way to represent.


My final request

Comment and Contribute, people. Don't just sit on the sidelines!

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@takashichea: I actually have had some ideas brewing for content projects specifically for the round table as well as your blogging team.  I'll message you about it later.
@Hailinel: Good post.
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@Hailinel: This is one of the nicest things anyone from anywhere has ever said about the site. Let's hope for the best, Hal.

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