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Yes, they're out of whack. If you've noticed or not I haven't been active recently. Now the real reason I'm less prevalent on AV these days is because of school. But I'm pretty sure it's attributed to some post-anime depression.

I finished No. 6 and Sword of The Stranger. They're both amazing and I highly recommend them, but they're emotionally straining. I've been mopey for the last few days. So, I'm just reminding you I'm still here and I should be more active in the near future.

So, let's have a little discussion. What anime has thrown your life upside down it was so amazing/depressing/happy/horrifying?

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School Days: It make me want to kill people

One Piece: Make me so happy (just love the characters)

I think this about it for now

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@Superevil225: If there was any anime that's changed my life it would have to be Welcome To The N.H.K. I can't categorize it easily, but if I had to choose it would have to be amazing.
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Saint Seiya - It made me want to explore the universe

School days - It made me so fucking angry at the ending, I was furious! And afterwards I wanted to break up with my GF due to being afraid of you know what...

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Elfen Lied - One of the first animes I watched when I started watching anime again. It's great and showed me how far shit can go (fucking kids being split in half).

Bleach & Naruto - For showing how much of a crazy person I am for marathoning to catch up to the current episodes. Putting up with all the bad episodes and making my insanity more apparent than ever.

@Superevil225 - Do you have any recommendations for anime that has this kind of effect? A lot of anime out there can be entertaining but don't really go to a serious emotional level. As much as it may bring back some old memories, the recommendation would be much appreciated.

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Fucking Clannad. I weeped like a baby.

On the other hand, Eureka 7 left me extremely satisfied, satisfaction derived from watching it lasted almost an entire month.

Clannad totally screwed my emotions.

Also, School Rumble's ending made me want to punch a wall with how they managed to screw up a well-established plot.

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@Pacmanlh: Well there are the two I mentioned in my post. Sword of The Stranger is a must see, in my opinion. And it's just amazing.

No. 6 is good, but the two main character (who are male) kiss, (nothing more) but I know guys can find that awkward.

Fullmetal Alchemist. Definitely. Baccano! is mind blowing. Romeo X Juliet is a very interesting take on an old tale. Darker Than Black. Big Windup was really happy but emotional at the same time. Code Geass, Fate/Stay Night, Chrono Crusade definitely (I cried for days watching this it was amazing).

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@Superevil225: Thanks for the recommendations! I have seen a handful of these but Baccano! and Romeo X Juliet has always had me interested. No.6 is on my radar but I have some things to watch ahead of it. I appreciate the response.

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I'd have to say FMA:B. Made me quite happy the way it wrapped up and endeared me to anime/manga.

Wolf's Rain made meh sad and confuzzled. (the latter is prolly owed to wierd ass fan subs)

@Destinyheroknight: This One Piece you speak of... I hear many good things about it. IT'S DESTINY! I shall check it out rite nao! ;)

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Angel Beats damaged me emotionally.
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One Piece and FMA Brotherhood are probably the ones that have hit me the hardest recently.

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@Superevil225: I cried for hours with each episode of Casshern Sins. The series hit me just when I've got my first major love rejection and it kicked me in the nuts while I was on the ground. The Ending left me like a forty year old watching Titanic.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann pushed me into the far reaches of my own freakish nature, and was the show that gave me new drive to start writting and game mastering.

Saint Seiya Hades Sanctuary pushed me into being a fulltime anime fan, in my 12th birthday I stumbled upon a VHS with the episodes with Shaka of Virgo and my cosmos rised with each second (FREAK COSMOS)

Shin Getter Robo Armaggedon allows me to cook eggs in my hand while I watch it, as my Nekketsu gets a hundred of degrees higher. Whenever I'm down or depressed Shin Getter punchs some energy to my brain and soul.

One Piece forced me into a marathon were in a week we watched with my brother from the beginning to the half of Thriller Bark arc, stopping only to eat, go to the bathroom or sleep, good times.

There are dozens of animes that gave my a different set of emotions or increase some

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@Superevil225: I think my emotional reactions, and re-reactions to Honey and Clover are pretty well documented. Hanasaku Iroha on the other hand hits pretty close to home in terms of work experiences that I can relate with given my own profession.

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