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I'm working on my own anime idea right know.its sort of a twisted love story . I'm pulling from comedy , yuri , yaoi , maybe a bit of supernatural . i've hit a roadblock though....I cant seem to get a decent character list going or good plot line going . any ides anime vice people ? basically I'm trying to combine some of my favorite genres into one melting pot . makes sense right? anyone care to help me out? the story is set in more modern era so if anyone has any ideas please help I have an open mind and will gladly anything you give terms of ideas that is lol.

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girl who has a bad family in a terrible city one day coming back from a field trip. On the bus she's about to confess her love to a boy sitting next to her and on the way the school bus gets into an accident and few hours later she wakes up in a log house in the woods with no idea how she got their. Then she notices a boy who turn out saved her and when she ask him how to get out of the woods the boy replied they wont let you.

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@beatha: 14 year old cat-girls without pants and their college-aged leader with giant tits band together to fight evil tentacle monsters and worry about their cover stories as waitresses at a maid cafe which, despite being a front, is run by two bisexual dog-eared boys with a surprisingly good taste for coffee and tea.

Alternatively: Write what you know and don't worry about a checklist of anime tropes while you do that. Do some different things in your life and interact with weird people and gain some experience while you grow up. Also, some creative writing classes wouldn't hurt.

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@DocHaus: thx u !

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An alien baby comes to earth from far off in space and trains with an old man and his friends and saves the world form an evil king and... wait

An outcast boy trains his hardest to become a great ninja and the leader of his village and... wait

A teenage boy who can see spirit gains great power one night while trying to save his family... wait

This anime stuff is hard. Ok, ok.

A teenager seems like he is a total nobody, seemingly emotionless, and a pushover in regular life and in school. But when he puts on his mask, he becomes a Batman-like crime fighter so he can continue his father's legacy at any cost. But things get messy when the hero finds out that the biggest crime lord in the city is his uncle who threatens to reveal his identity and even kill the girls he loves.

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