Muggels VS Wizards

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I know you are expecting a entry about Harry Potter when you first read this but it's NOT!!!

It's a entry about normal Anime couples without any magic and couples with a lot of magic

First I'd like to point out magic is faith and faith is trust and trust is love. So that proves magical couples are the best, right? WRONG!!!

Not all magical beings got it easy....

Most animes with magical couples tend to have alot of Ecchi, hentai and harems. Like Negima, Maburaho and Rosario + Vampire. All three full of Ecchi and are harems but in the end have a cheesy heart-breaking ending.

Some people stick with the normal couples where it a little more light comedy and realistic. Like the following Bokura ga Ita, Toradora, Ouran High School Host Club and Bakuman. All of these series are extremely popular and contain comedy and are slice of life. But they also share their fair share of magic. With the sparkly eyes, the sudden gusts of wind and the occasional cherry blossom confession.

Another thing about romantic moments in magical couples is that they can get very feisty. Unlike in ordinary couples they don't usually shout or beat each other up, thy usually use there magical power against each other which usually results to jealousy and envy. It can also confuse the audience at times too.


But the most popular problem is that in normal couples the plot about their love is revealed in the first episode but the magical couples keep it hidden into at least the 12th episode. Which makes a little hard for the viewers and the feeling they have for one another is hard to understand at first. But they usually make it up in the end with a beautiful confession scene.

So what do you think Muggels or wizards?

Plez tell me what you think and why

Thank you for reading.

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I usually watch the stuff for its comedy, I really don't care about the romantic stuff (only Ouran High School Host Club I care for)


Are you just talking about the anime? Since Rosario + Vampire and Negima are way different from there anime versions

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I love to watch animes for the romance and their belief in never giving up, but comedy is what keeps it together @Destinyheroknight I'm only talking about Anime But you're right the Anime and manga are very different
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