Most Badass Moments in Manga/Anime and Comics

Topic started by Newdeath on Oct. 16, 2009. Last post by Chengy 5 years, 4 months ago.
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What are the most badass moments you have ever witnessed in anime/manga and comic book history? What did said character do to be known as a badass? 
Post scans of a random character being completely badass and doing one of the most badass acts of all time. Feel free to describe what the character has done in the scan if the scan itself isn't clear.
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  is video okay?
he held the robot with only will power
he beat the shit out of a god
he charges his attack while attacking, this brokes all rule of finisher
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Not gonna post any scans, but I will say that your average page of Hellsing is probably more badass than the most badass page of your standard shounen manga. 
Not that there aren't more badass pages, in theory, but just sayin'.
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hellsing is made of badassness
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I cant be arsed to fine many pics or anything but here are some of my favs.
Dragonball Z - Goku transforming to a Ssj the first time
Bleach Fade to Black - Urahara and Youroichi suddenly appearing in soul society, Urahara back in his old uniform / Kenpachis eyepatch falling off and going mental killing the hollow with yachiru giggling on his back.
Bleach - Hinamori appearing in Matsumoto's fight against mila rose, sunsun and apache, Ichigo saving rukia at the execution grounds. And this...
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