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I'm running around like a madwoman trying to finish up all of my New York Comic Con follow-up stuff and get back on a plane (surprise!), but a few other sites have their own I thought you might be interested. In particular, Comic Book Resources has interviewed Reed Exhibitions' Lance Festerman, who always has some interesting and fun stuff to say. You may find this item of particular interest:

We heard a rumor that Reed could be combining Comic Con and the Anime Fest here in New York. What are your thoughts on that on a scale of "A Strong Possibility" to "Just Speculation?"

I think it's both. I think it's a possibility and speculation at this point. We haven't decided what to do with Anime in 2010, and our minds are really open. Basically, we just pulled of New York Comic Con 2009, a week before that we pulled off a massive con launching in downtown Chicago, we've relocated our Comic Con to the fall; so the feeling was, “We will run an awesome New York Anime Fest in 2009 and worry about what we're doing from there."

It's well worth reading to top to bottom (Lance's favorite moment of NYCC09 made me giggle). That said, I'd really rather NOT see NYAF become a sub-section of NYCC, personally. (More excuses to go to New York? Yes please!)

And if you just can't get enough NYCC, period, not no way not no how, well, lucky you: PWCW's The Beat blog has a collection of reports and observations for you to wade through. Enjoy!

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Oooh! I was at NYCC :3

And so was my sister!

(Batgirlbabs and I)
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UsagiChan: I totally looked around for you guys for the grand total of 30 minutes I got to hang out in the dealer room throughout the weekend! I love the videos you guys did :)
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