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I'm 28 and I like anime, for instance Bleach*, to some people this is puzzling, they consider anime to be for children (yeah, big rolleyes).

Now, this probably happens to more people and maybe to you, I like some songs more after listening to them in an AMV, so I guess the interpretation of the song changes, the way the song evokes thoughts or feelings in me changes, because of the anime. I was thinking just now that maybe anime, at least in AMVs, can be considered as a metaphor as a way to convey some message, thoughts, feelings, etc. in a way similar to dance or ballet, with a story that is mainly metaphorical (spiritual pressure in bleach, ki in dargon ball, etc. would just represent determination and resource investment, be it time, effort, whatever).

So maybe some people should think about all this and accept that:

  1. Ballet and their culture is just another type of culture, and it isn't intrinsically better than, for instance, anime. There are ballet pieces that are better than others, as there are some animes that are better than others.
  2. Anime is another cultural expression, art if I may say, and when they underestimate it they are just proving they don't understand the metaphors and the message, they are just expressing their lack of culture, a culture that would allow them to understand anime and appreciate it.
  3. People who appreciate ballet and other older forms of art and overlook those who prefer something more current are snobs (similar to hipsters, just change "I knew it before it was popular" with "I enjoy it after it's no longer popular"), the only characteristic that ballet has "over" anime is that its less popular, and that doesn't make it any better, but, in any case, the fact that ballet is an anachronistic art doesn't make it better but worse.
  4. Anime and new entertainment forms are more enjoyable and popular because they are new and better suited for the tastes of the people, which doesn't make them worse but (if anything) better. That was the point of all entertainment forms. Shakespeare was a master and did a great job by writing something entertaining for people, manga and anime could be just as good, if some people enjoy some anime more than they enjoy Shakespeare's work, is there any criteria to say they are wrong or mistaken? I don't think so.
  5. Some people may say the message in older works is better than the message in more recent works, I would say that a) maybe they are not understanding the message in recent works and b) maybe they are over analyzing older works (since there have been more people through time to analyze them) and adding metaphors and messages that are not even there, or the author didn't care at all to include, they are there just by chance and not intentionally.
  6. Ancient people are praised, apparently Shakespeare used to consume drugs, Plato liked to have sex with underage boys and the list could continue for a long time. Are they really that good or are they judged in a different way because their works are old? Is there any criteria to be able to state their works are any "better"? Do Plato's ontological theories hold when we consider the scientific knowledge we have today?
  7. I could continue, but I guess no more clarifications are needed. All this may have some further implications that you can reach by yourselves.

Or maybe I'm just talking nonsense.

*Actually I like some AMVs more than the anime as itself.

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