Meet the Symphonic Anime Orchestra

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Symphonic Anime Orchestra
Symphonic Anime Orchestra
I'm not sure how I managed to not know about this group, considering they performed at Nan Desu Kon in '05 and '06 (then again, I've never been to NDK), but this is awesome: the Symphonic Anime Orchestra is a group of musicians who perform anime music at the Denver-based convention.

The orchestra is run by Katie Vedder, a bass clarinet player at the University of Colorado, who is also part of the core quartet at the center of the orchestra (along with Tegan Deeney on flute, Anthony Sharp on sax, and Mitch Miller-- the assistant director –on tuba).

Not only that, but they've even had a special guest star play with the orchestra: Sean Schemmell, the voice actor of Dragon Ball Z's Goku, is also a professional french horn player. He attended NDK one year specifically so he could play with the group.

Check out the group's official site for moreinfo!

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Didn't see the link listed in the article so here it is:
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Oops, thanks-- I had it in there but then I had to re-do the article. Silly Firefox crashing.
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The link to the Examiner post on this group is here:
Thought you might find this article, and the profile discussed, of interest.
It also has a link to the Boulder Weekly article.
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Wow, coolio, shall give this a thorough investigation..
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Very tempting. In my opinion, one of the few methods left to keep orchestras alive is to play some modern compositions.

May as well be anime, as some of the compositions are quite simply, brilliant.
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