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I find myself in a dilly of pickle and I'm in need of some recommendations. You see i haven't watched any anime in a long long time simply because i find myself constantly getting bored or finding other things i would rather be doing at that moment then continuing to watch the series. While a typical series run of episodes into the mid twenties never used to bother me, it seems like no matter what show i try to watch these days i always end up stopping a few episodes in, or around the middle of the series.
Enough with the exposition. If you haven't hit the back button yet, what i was looking for is some recommendations for anime that are short. Something that is no longer than ten or so episodes, give or take a few. I'm not really picky on what it is, as long as it has good characters and an interesting story i can watch almost anything. That said however, i would prefer to not have anything set in a school, or has a cast of mostly kids or young adults. I know, that's like asking for an anime without up-skirt shots or clothing randomly disintegrating to reveal massively disproportionate breasts underneath. It should be noted here that, while not a requirement, it is fine if the later of the two are in your recommendations.
Anyhowitzer thanks in advance for the help.
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It does have kids, but FLCL is a fantastic show and its only 6 episodes long.
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@JJOR64 said:
" It does have kids, but FLCL is a fantastic show and its only 6 episodes long. "
Agreed, and 6 eps is like 2 hours real time, right?
Also putting in Baccano! (13 eps) or if you'd like to try some movies Kara no Kyoukai
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DieBuster has kids in it, but they have developmental issues and really awesome interactions, etc. etc., Kids are the only ones who an pilot the mechs that save the world (literally, they are the only ones) so the kids embrace too much responsibility/fame, only to fear its passing, as becoming an adult leaves them bitter and angry at their own unimportance/ability to effect change in the world. 6 episodes
Spice and Wolf is a slice of life at 12 episodes. Set in a feudal european setting, the plot involves a wolf god who has been abandoned by her followers as technology and Christianity make her pagan worship unnecessary. She journeys with a traveling merchant, and makes up her costs by supposedly living up to her expectation as "Horo the Wise"
just two recs for now.
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@JJOR64 said:
" It does have kids, but FLCL is a fantastic show and its only 6 episodes long. "
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@JJOR64: @Matte: @John_Martone: Thanks for the suggestions, i will give them a look see when i get a chance. I'm currently watching every episode, of every season, of every Star Trek series at the moment, so i got a little bit to go before i start in on these. I just finished all of TNG, and I'm finishing season three of Deep Space Nine as i type this. After i finish DS9 i still have all of Voyager, Enterprise and the original series to watch, but i think I'm gonna take a week or two off of Star Trek once I'm done with DS9. Might take a break after i finish season three of DS9 to watch some of these suggestions actually. Gotta pace myself, I'm running a marathon not a sprint after all.
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