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Katsu Prison is located in a small island and is where the most powerful and dangerous criminals are locked away. Cells range from your typical cell to complete and utter confinement and desolation. Katsu prison is really, the most confined prison in the world--and criminals are still attempting break-outs.
The prison was only made 10 years ago and already there have been 1,000 reports of attempted break-outs. None of the fleeing convicts came close to fresh air; those who even thought of breaking out were killed along the way.

Built underground, Katsu Prison is only accessible by elevator which requires a retinal and thumb print scan plus an eight digit password that changes every 12 hours. When the lights go out at 10:00 p.m. there isn't a shred of sun in the confinements at all. Any attempt to break the rules results in death, or in some cases: Complete Desolation.

Complete Desolation is when a convict is placed in a machine that limits neural control over the body, making the hostile a literally thinking, breathing vegetable. The contraption (entitled the Immobilizer) sends the needed nutrients to survive through a series of tubes to the convict. Most importantly, the Immobilizer can truly mess with a mind: creating delusions, changing the temperature and even shutting down some bodily functions. Time spent in the immobilizer can range from a week to a lifetime.

Katsu Prison is a near perfect prison, but it has its hidden weaknesses. Life is cruel in Katsu Prison, whether your problems be the guards, other convicts, being wrongly imprisoned or yourself.

1. If you want to be a prisoner, your alignment must be neutral or evil, unless you were wrongly imprisoned.
2. If you want to be a guard, your alignment can be anything: just if you're evil, you better be one cruel guard.

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