Live Action Animes. Our say on who should play who.

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Okay after reading G-Mans blog about spike I got to thinking. Why do studios not look to the fan base for who should play who, I mean I know we are not ever going to agree, But look at DBZ I can name off hand seven better people to play Piccolo and you all know my fellings on Wooden Reeves playing Spike. So here it is. List your animes and who you would like to play the characters. Im working on my Cowboy Bebop and trying to find someone who would make a good edward.
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damn Edward would be hard to cast. Movie studios will never, ever listen to the fan base when it comes to translating a video game/anime/comic to the big screen because they are ignorant fools who believe they know more about the fans. The perfect example is the x-men movies, they hired Bryan Singer who had never once read the comic.

anyway as for who should play Spike i really cannot think of anyone who could do him justice. i would take someone like Matt Damon over Reeves anyday though.
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I totally agree. I mean if you look at things like sin city and Watchman. They actually have people who want the comic to appear on the screen  how te fans want it. Some studios just go for a quick fix and the bucks DBZ being a prime example, They even reworte the story 0_o. I mean it is not hard to find a site like this and even post a thread like I have and say. Hey guys who would make a great Goku or Piccolo and take that feed back and use it.
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they probably do have people do that but they are most likely ignored by the guys at the top anyway. This cowboy bepop movie could be a pandoras box. if it gets made with Keanu and some other big names then its just going to prompt the studios to start raping anime and manga for movie ideas and we are going to get our beloved franchises turned into live action pieces of shit. i mean look at how the comic book genre exploded after the first spiderman film and look at the horrible adaptations that were the result. i can see the same thing happening if the cowboy bepop movie goes ahead with big names behind it.
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