Let's play "Name that Anime/Manga"

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Sorry for any mistaken views, but this isn't an actual game, lol.

Anyways, in my treks across......here, I guess, I noticed the article about the Eva Vs. GL fan art, and it got me thinking about robots, and then I remembered a series I always wanted to check out but couldn't (for various reasons). Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of said series!

I'm going to post a general description, and if anyone can tell me what it is (or even give me a suggestion of what it could be), it would be greatly appreciated.

It was about two warring alien species who fought using giant mechs, but for some reason or other they were currently on a cease fire. On Earth (I believe), someone finds a old, deactivated robot from one of the alien's ranks and turns it on. This makes everybody freak out from the ceasefire and the aliens go to make Earth their battleground (I think).

It's fairly recent, I believe (it was featured in a spotlight in Wizard a few years ago), and I'm mostly sure that it's an anime, but it may also be a manga.

Thanks for reading and any help :)
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I'm tempted to say it's something involving Macross or Robotech (depending on the dub). The overall plot basically involves a giant, city-sized spaceship crashing into Earth in the far-flung future of 1999 (ooooooh!), the UN managing to retrofit the whole damn thing, and the alien race called the Zentradi that try to destroy it now that they finally found it.
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