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now, when we got to toriko chapter 289 we knew air was VERY heavy because nosh was struggling really hard to hold it. and he packs some serious muscle.


but now we have confirmation of just how heavy AIR was. it was FAR beyond my expectations.

just ridiculous. 5 quadrillion tons??? WTF??

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Yes you noticed too. Incredible! I referenced all my astronomy habits back in the day. 5 quadrillion tons is about 85% of the weight of Hyperion, a small moon of Saturn! I mean this is just Nosh! The likes of Toriko should be stronger than him, at least in striking power. This indicates that the Heavenly Kings who are on par with the Bewitching Trio are now treading on low end moon level.
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And by moon level I mean genuinely, no just potency.
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This goes in the Toriko manga thread or franchise thread since General Discussion is for multiple topics that deal with both anime and manga series.


We still have the Toriko Discussion (Manga) and Toriko Discussion (Anime).

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Ah yes. I noticed after my excitement went down but I had double posted already. Thanks for moving it.
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